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  1. W8RMH

    Recommendation for 800mhz Mag Mount Antenna

    I have used the setup below for many years, low profile, very strong, and no worry of hitting trees, etc:
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    Sentinel Software Site Selections

    Red indicates that they are 'Avoided'.
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    [Opinions] Looking to buy first scanner

    A benefit of a battery operated handheld is it will work during a power outage where a base/mobile will not.
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    Out of range...Derangement Syndrome...

    Try programming all the frequencies, not just the control channels.
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    Newbie looking for transceiver guidance

    I would contact a radio dealer or a rental system company. Also you don't necessarily need encryption. Just set up your own code/zone system for locations, incident descriptions,etc, use ID numbers instead of names, etc.
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    G4 problems

    Needs a new battery.
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    HELP! SDS100 & Ohio Marcs-IP

    Use location control.
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    What does DAT mean?? Bcd325p2

    DAT appears if the control channel is being received in Scan Receive/Hold Modes.
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    Old radios vs new ones.

    If I were going to choose a radio for hunting I would prefer a handheld MURS radio. If you fall from a treestand, have a weapons accident, or otherwise become injured that mobile radio in your vehicle a mile away isn't going to be of much use. You can always plug it into a mobile antenna in...
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    Franklin County Sheriff (Ohio)

    CPD SWAT Tactical 57431. They also have at least one Narcotics talk group which is encrypted, possibly 57335, but not labeled as such.
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    Continental or United Airlines @ Hopkins I'd say this is and old system but it's still in the RR database. Continental merged with United on March 3, 2012, and on February 1, 2014 United announced they were closing their hub at Hopkins.
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    Boise going offline
  13. W8RMH

    g5 out of range

    What was the problem?
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    Unication G-Series Voice Pager with Digital Trunked Scanner Feature

    I can receive county sites over two counties away, in downtown Columbus on the first floor of a 20 story building, and inside my car with the stock pager antenna. I could never do that with a scanner.
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    Marconi radio aboard the Titanic to be retrieved

    There can't be much left of it., The salt water will have eaten up everything but the glass tubes.
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    What has changed since you started in the hobby?

    They had a sort of encryption in the 70s on low band, it was referred to as a scrambler that they could turn on and off. It didn't take long for someone to produce a descrambler you could connect to your scanner, but you had to turn it on and off as well. Later after the switch to UHF the...
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    Who remembers the old Regency scanners?

    My first true scanner was an eight channel scanner like the one pictured in Chief21's post, installed in my POV using a cut down CB antenna, when I was a volunteer fireman in the 70s. I also had it tapped into my siren PA which came in handy at scenes, before we had pagers and portable radios...
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    BCD325P2: Any future firmware updates expected for the BCD325P2?

    Uniden usually does not comment on updates/upgrades until they are actually released.
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    Unication G-Series Voice Pager with Digital Trunked Scanner Feature

    Multiple sites would be great. I have some communities where the police are on one site and fire/EMS is on another. Of course delay and hold is a major feature as well. Glad to see Unication working with scanner enthusiasts now :)
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    Need help programming bcd996p2

    Your antenna choice would depend on the frequencies you want to listen to. Also yagis are directional which may cut out transmissions from other directions.