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    KSP Phase 2 Trunked?

    At risk of straying off topic and running afoul of the rules. . . :) You could get by with a Uniden 996P2 (mobile/base), 325P2 (portable), 536HP (mobile/base), 436 (portable), SDS 200 (mobile/base), SDS 100 (portable). As the cost increases, so does the number of features, etc. I don't know...
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    KSP Phase 2 Trunked?

    My opinion is that Kentucky has really missed the boat on many opportunities to build a state wide radio system. They've talked in the past about that, but between finances and different visions it went nowhere. If they did do a KSP type trunked system, I can see other state agencies jumping in...
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    BCD436HP P25 simulcast

    As noted above, getting decent simulcast decode on non-SDS models is very location dependent, even 100 yards can be noticeable. You just gotta experiment to see what works best for the location you usually do your scanning. The best decode I ever got with my vehicle scanner was when the...
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    Sentinel P25 Phase 1 Group - Adds all locations of towers - ok to delete some?

    Using Location Control is a good option, but beware of a pitfall. Departments are set up so that they are not active/turned on, unless you are within their service area. So if you want to reach a little farther, you'll need to bump up the scanner range value accordingly or change the range...
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    KSP Phase 2 Trunked?

    There was some money in the budget a few years ago for improvements to the KSP radio system. It didn't look like nearly enough to change it from a conventional system to a trunked system. I would question the wisdom IF KSP was to even consider a trunked system. Those things are to make the...
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    Interesting aspect, can someone elaborate?

    In addition to the above, it could be other human factors too. A lot of background noise at the dispatch center, failing to have the headset plugged in properly and so on. It's unfortunately something that "just happens".
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    Scanning without receiving

    First step, if possible, move the scanner to a different location to see if something might be de-sensing the scanner. Second step, do a weather service scan. Most places are close enough to a weather service transmitter. If you get weather, that confirms the scanner is receiving and other...
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    Sentinel Range Setting VS Scanner Range Setting

    Yes, but if you are looking to begin listening to a given "something" sooner than what the RR database has for its range, it's better to change that specific "something's" range. Otherwise you could pull in a lot more things than desired. A Department's range is supposed to be set so that it...
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    TAC Channels

    Probably one of those things where a phrase means one thing here and another thing there. TAC channels, when used in the context of "tactical" can be described in the National Fire Protection Association's Standard on Emergency Services Communications as: A communications radio...
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    Sentinel Range Setting VS Scanner Range Setting

    The Range setting in Sentinel (Edit Profile>Location Settings) establishes a "Global" Range observed by the scanner. This is how far a scanner will reach out to attempt to listen to something. Once you have programmed your scanner, you can change that Global Range by pressing Rang(e) on the...
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    TAC Channels

    I'm sure "we've always done it this way" comes in to play. We went to a new radio system where everyone (police, fire and EMS) could talk to each other. Fire on scene could change channels to EMS and say what is needed when ambulance arrives. They continue just as they always have - tell fire...
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    BCD325P2: I have a odd ? Or not

    How is the weather channel reception?
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    BCD396XT: FM broadcast stations keep popping up in scan?

    This has happened to me a number of times. I inadvertently bump the wrong button and put the scanner in Close Call mode. Then the scanner stops on a broadcast channel. If you seen an icon like the one shown below, you are in Close Call mode. The button to turn this on is easily bumped (on at...
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    SDS200 " SD Card Access Error " question

    The high endurance cards are recommended over the "standard" SD cards because they tolerate more read/write cycles. There can be many "behind the scenes" read/write operations going on than you realize, just as a matter of normal operation. SD cards are like car tires - they wear out...
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    TAC Channels

    And they have 8CALL, etc., for 800 frequencies. The thinking was to have a set of common frequencies in each responders' radio so that if they are deployed to other areas, there would be a means for communication among all involved. A good theory, but there is still the potential to bring a...
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    SDS200 " SD Card Access Error " question

    Download and install SD Formatter Utility which is what Uniden recommends: SD Memory Card Formatter 5.0 for SD/SDHC/SDXC 1. Insert new card in card reader and launch SD Formatter. Follow instructions as they appear. Note the drive letter associated with the new SD card. 2. Launch...
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    SDS100/200 What are your strategies for quick navigation? Use of quick keys?

    Quick Keys are a way to turn "things" on or off. Could be a "big thing with lots of stuff" like a Favorites List, a "medium thing with a moderate amount of stuff" like a System within a Favorites List, or a "small thing with a little stuff" like a Department within a System which is within a...
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    SDS 100 & SDS 200 Sentinel Database update

    As noted above, the database that your download from Uniden "resides" in your computer. It is then used by x36/SDSx00 version of Sentinel for the 436, 536, SDS100 and SDS 200 scanners on a common basis. There is another version of the database that would be used by the HP1/HP2 version of...
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    Here is my programming setup for all my scanners that have the RS 232/DB9 programming port: 1. USB to Serial Adapter with the HXD chipset (this chipset became necessary with Windows 8) 2. Gender adapter...
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    BCD536HP Questions

    Well let's lay some of the blame where it needs to be laid. One component is radio systems have become extremely complex, bearing in mind that scanners have to be designed around the most complex of statewide systems. There is no way your 996XT could handle a statewide system such as Indiana...