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  1. MTS2000des

    When Do You Know an Alignment or Tune Is Needed?

    Poor performance on digital (high BER on RX and TX), poor sensitivity, etc. Generally, radios should be PM'ed at least once a year on a service monitor. Most of what we use will automatically align the radio. Takes about 15 minutes for single band portables, and 45 minutes to an hour for an all...
  2. MTS2000des

    Kenwood Tk-3180 Tactical Feature Set 2019

    Field Programming is the big reason it's so desirable.
  3. MTS2000des

    Douglas County P25 Phase 2

    You should ask the Tax Commissioner, as they don't appear to have a surplus site. They may sell stuff on GovDeals. Wouldn't hurt to ask them.
  4. MTS2000des

    Douglas County P25 Phase 2

    No, it's all IP and rides the microwave/fiber and RF (IV&D) as backup. System in use is Mach Alert
  5. MTS2000des

    XTS 5000 bluetooth external speaker

    Why not try something like this?
  6. MTS2000des

    Any ideas

    well, ASSuming it was powered up when it "fell between the seats" did it get locked in transmit for a long period of time? No time out timer? If so, it may have killed the battery or the PA module itself. Swapping batteries is first step. No TX output? Most likely the PA but it would need to be...
  7. MTS2000des

    Help specing a repeater?

    Repeaters (duplex operation) isn't a plug and play adventure like setting up a wireless access point. Aside from the licensing/coordination issues mentioned above, to transmit into the same antenna requires: Good quality filtering (duplexers, circulators, etc) tuned and set by a qualified...
  8. MTS2000des

    Motorola Radio on a Harris System

    I can't wait until this summer when I upgrade our Astro core to R20.x, so transcoding is supporting. It's holding back both ISSI talkgroups from being supporting transcoding, and right now I've got some dispatch talkgroups strapped FDMA due to console patching issues with transcoding.
  9. MTS2000des

    dual-band mobile radio for storm spotter

    The remote kit and actual radio bracket are OPTIONAL, or they were when I bought one in 2016. Wasn't impressed with this radio, especially for cross band. Gave it to a new ham as a 1st radio and bought an FT-8900R to replace it.
  10. MTS2000des

    VXR-7000 Programming issue and question

    Plenty of folks use analog radios with MMDVM's to transmit DMR. Requires flat audio and COR/COS.
  11. MTS2000des

    Hytera files chapter 11 bankruptcy

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Intellectual property theft is theft, plain and simple. Hytera made a poor business decision to hire people they know, stole someone else' property and chose to profit from it. Now the cost to be the boss has come due. Their own making and no one else is to...
  12. MTS2000des

    Pinout info for APX 8500 or HMN 1090

    Check this out. This is how DC headsets are wired in the aircraft we have. Other vendors' hardware will probably be the same on the radio side.
  13. MTS2000des

    Pinout info for APX 8500 or HMN 1090

    There is. Everything you need is on the J2 connector. Much cleaner to interface I/O there anyway. Don't think the O3 head should be an issue if you're using the J2 get your PTT, flat audio in/out, from there.
  14. MTS2000des

    dual-band mobile radio for storm spotter

    The 2730A sucks at crossband repeating. It can't cope with different PL tones on each band when crossbanding. A bug plaguing Icom dual bands for years. The Yaesu's and Kenwoods are kings of crossband. The V71A/D710GA are essentially the exact same radio with different control heads. Wasn't...
  15. MTS2000des

    Scout Camp Radio System

    Nothing wrong with digital, don't understand what the hate is. DMR repeaters are just as cost effective as analog ones and are pretty much all one can order these days in the business LMR realm other than NXDN, and DMR gives an increase in coverage, and they can lock down their repeater to...
  16. MTS2000des

    EFJ VP Series Question

    Relm KNG series support voice mute on P25 trunking. While they are no beauty queens, they'll do what you want and without emptying your bank account. Made in the USA too.
  17. MTS2000des

    Scout Camp Radio System

    Not knowing the specific area and going off generalized description, a repeatered system is best. How many talk groups/different users do you anticipate needing? A DMR standalone repeater on the highest ground possible should prove doable. VHF is better in wooded areas, but getting coverage...
  18. MTS2000des

    dual-band mobile radio for storm spotter

    The FT-8900 is still in production and is a close cousin to the 8800. It does crossband repeat, but has the addition of 10 and 6FM band coverage. Yaesu gives a 3 year parts and labor factory warranty, Kenwood has 1 year parts/labor. The price is neck to neck, Yaesu usually includes the remote...
  19. MTS2000des

    New (to me) APX Radio - cannot transmit on -p25 conventional

    yep. I have a DiagnostX on my trunking system that flags any RID with high BER or freq drift. as little as 50Hz and BER starts climbing.
  20. MTS2000des

    Motorola Radio on a Harris System

    FWIW Radio Reference database is great for hobbyists and scanner programming. System owners should be the "go to" source for anything regarding their systems. They are, after all, the ones who have the final say and know their networks better than any crowd sourced database intended for hobbyist...