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    Hytera files chapter 11 bankruptcy

    LOL this will be nothing but a rebranding now. Wont even be a roadblock. The good thing is that no (that I can recall) "official" entity in the US actually uses Hytera products. Maybe business's like Costco and trucking, tow truck companies etc. (and the amateur radio part of the company TYT)...
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    Protestors using your live feed to taunt and attack cops... How do you feel about that?

    Ya really though its not on you. If one of them /protestor/ had an IQ higher then a postage stamp and had a scanner and then "tweeted" that info theyd still be using information supplied by the PD -...once again...its not on you, its on the PD to converse in radio encoded lingo that the...
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    Protestors using your live feed to taunt and attack cops... How do you feel about that?

    Really not your problem, your providing a source of information...what the average gorilla does with that information is on them, not you. Cars kill millions of people....and they keep making them. Death by chickens last year..3...and they still hatch billions of them each yar.
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    Is this DMR Tier 2 or Tier 3?

    From what I recall the only difference between TII & TIII is the tech is channel\system trunked/repeated instead of just a single site repeater.
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    Question on police scanner apps for cell phones

    So is code 4 in Atlanta...3 center mass and 1 in the head? Kinda the same here in SF further assistance needed.
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    Long Wire Receive Only Ant. And "Shorted Turn" Pulley Question ?

    It may add slight capacitance if your looping it around, but as far as shorting as long as the pulley itself is not attached physically to any other source of grounding its not going hurt at all. I would presume your using pve or a coated wire, if not, even bare wire wouldn't be effected, as...
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    SF/ Alameda Conventional??

    Does EBRP simulcast or something, I have them on EBRCS and locked out.
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    SF/ Alameda Conventional??

    Nothing is analog here anymore except for CDF, CHP. Well I think some of the San Mateo depts. are still UHF analog and maybe SJC, but SF City is p25 p1/e and CoCO and ALCO are all p25 /p1
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    Antenna hidden in plain sight

    You also didn't mention if you are using a mobile (~50w) or a handheld radio(~5w) and if your JUST RX or if you plan on TRx. If its a handheld, your going to end up losing just about anything "gained" from the antenna height on the ~50' coax losses alone. And a note on certain peoples...
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    Baofeng Baofeng UVR ham radio issues with repeater

    Well first you should shut off the OTHER Baofeng or switch it to the UHF side. If you then key up (with your callsign, ie: w5xyz testing or monitoring if you actaully want someone to respond back to you) you should at that point hear whats called a "tail" which is the repeater circuit keeping...
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    Through the glass antenna

    With glass mounts just be sure that the window and its seal are robust enough to handle the wind drag from attached base. I say this from experience back in the day I used a Ranger for day to day stuff and had attached a 2m/70cm antenna on the back window..and sure enough by the next winter the...
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    Santa Clara County - Project 25 Phase II TDMA

    I think they went the BIG E if I remember the chatter...Time to invade the county supervisors meeting and remind them of how dangerous and non-transparent that is....WHAT ARE THEY HIDING. Especially with ther more recent history of deputies killing inmates in the the Jail, planting evidence...
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    Extreme RF Gremlins - Can anyone assist?

    This is what I'm saying. He has too many grounds. The "noise" was always there(unless a part is/has failed(ing), what he has done is inadvertently created an "antenna" for it (a ground loop). Remove the ground on your CB, if it powers on its already using a ground, same goes for any additional...
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    Extreme RF Gremlins - Can anyone assist?

    Could you take a simple still of how you have the battery connection> it was a little jittery and most of it was blocked by the radio you were using. From the looks of it, you have a way to small + wire and it looks like you have a ground wire added? You should use the star topology for the...
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    Extreme RF Gremlins - Can anyone assist?

    ahh content I see and hear the video!
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    Extreme RF Gremlins - Can anyone assist?

    and it never hurts to go back to the start. Remove (disconnect the wiring of) the CB/scanner and anything additional you've added. Start it and check for the noise. If none re-add each component until you get the noise. Atleast then you'll have a reference point. And recording a say 30 sec...
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    Extreme RF Gremlins - Can anyone assist?

    well one way you can check is to (obv. while the vehicle is parked) place the largest cookie sheet you can find under the antenna. If that lowers but doesn't cancel what your hearing, next with alligator clips and wire place one side on the cookie sheet and run the wire to the negative pole on...
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    How Far Away Are We From An HT Sized Device That Accesses Digital Talkgroups Without The Hotspot or RF?

    Um are you looking at like this thing? ( A18 Android Mobile Radio 4.22 Dual SIM GPS Zello 3G Touch Screen Radio with UHF | eBay ) ther are many many different incantations and they've been out for a couple of years now.
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    Parkinson's and Micro SD Cards

    ..hey if that falls could always livestream with seats, say 10$ a head...and empty 3-4 9mm mags into the SDS100. With the amount of UNsatisfied customers and such that the SDS scammers er scanners have acquired since release. You'd prob. come out with enough to get a SDS200 and...
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    CB’s and RG 6 cable

    Depends more on the xcver's output and what finals its using and what mismatch they can take. a 7:1 mismatch coming back on 2$ Toshibas and your blown.