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  1. K4EET

    Listening To SDS200 On Phone

    If the Uniden SDS200 scanner is not powered up, what is going to receive calls? The scanner has to be powered on to receive...
  2. K4EET

    I finally made it to the 21st Century

    Hi GlobalNorth, you are going to like the Uniden BCD536HP scanner. That is a very good scanner. In addition to Sentinel, I also purchased both ProScan and BuTel Software's ARC536PRO. I am almost certain that ARC536PRO has a 30 day free trial period. I know that ProScan does have a 30 day free...
  3. K4EET

    Getting into HF

    Thanks! I missed that comment.... Sooooooo... @ScubaJungle, what class Amateur Radio license do you have if I may ask?
  4. K4EET

    Getting into HF

    LOL! :ROFLMAO: ScubaJungle, so what are you looking for? A receiver or a transceiver? Also, are you a ham radio operator already or would you be interested in getting your license if not currently licensed? Let us know...
  5. K4EET

    Hotspot Recommendation

    I found this on the Pi-Star website ( Excerpted from "What is the Pi-Star Multi-Reflector?" This is perfect!
  6. K4EET

    Short jumper cable.

    What specifically did you use? Was it FSJ4-50B 1/2" Andrew Heliax Cable, Superflex?
  7. K4EET

    Getting into HF

    Oops... I see where the OP may actually be just looking for a good receiver. Back to the drawing board. LOL! <edit> P.S.: Although we'd love to have the OP join the ranks of Ham Radio...
  8. K4EET

    Getting into HF

    That is a good plan and who knows, you might even be able to purchase a new rig in lieu of the used rig. Keep an eye on the Yaesu FT-450D for a good sale. MSRP is about $1,100 but street price at DX Engineering is $719.95 and I've seen it in the $600s on sale. It is a nice, compact radio.
  9. K4EET

    7550e Data Transfer

    Hi Hunter KD0WMJ, Welcome to Radio Reference since this is your first post even though you joined in May of 2016. Long time lurker? Not quite clear what you want to do. You have a Motorola VHF XPR 7550e DMR HT but are you asking to transmit this data over an Amateur Radio repeater or a Public...
  10. K4EET

    Complete amateur now responsible for over 600 radios HELP

    clueless9293, welcome to Radio Reference! So sorry that this responsibility landed in your lap without being first sent to Motorola's training class(es) on how to maintain your radio system and its subscribers (the radios themselves). If you can, let us know what type of radio system you have...
  11. K4EET

    Still Waiting on my new Receiver

    Let the fun begin... SWLing forever!
  12. K4EET

    Radio power wiring in a Lexus RX-300 Was: Your thoughts?

    Hi Scott, First, let me ask what model antenna and where/how is that going to be mounted? 50 watts is a lot of RF energy and you want to use good quality coax, connector(s), antenna mount, etc. Don't skimp on the antenna system because RFI could wreak havoc with the electronics of the SUV. Make...
  13. K4EET


    Hey, it's only money. Right? Besides, the SDS200 has a really cool color display!
  14. K4EET

    Dipole feed line length question

    With 7 to 8 feet of vertical space to work with and really needing vertical polarization, how about something like this at just under 6 feet tall: There are some other antennas on this page:
  15. K4EET

    Which scanner is best to sell...

    Roger that. I was just trying to show that side-by-side, the comparison shows that the Uniden BCD436HP is slightly better than the Whistler TRX-1 from a feature and specification viewpoint. That is why I would pick the 436. That being said, the TRX-1 is a nice scanner too if you like Whistler...
  16. K4EET

    Which scanner is best to sell...

    Here is another nice comparison:
  17. K4EET

    Which scanner is best to sell...

    Here is a nice comparison: That comparison leans towards the Uniden BCD436HP and so do I...
  18. K4EET

    Dipole feed line length question

    brizzotheizzo, what is the vertical distance from the floor joist to the apex (assuming an A-framed roof)? If a flat roof, how much headroom do you have?
  19. K4EET

    Repeater Installation Help

    That is fair. I just hope they understand that is a "best case scenario"...
  20. K4EET

    Repeater Installation Help

    ladn, remember that they are on a tight budget and want to go as cheap as they can possibly go. Your numbers are assuming high quality hardware ($$$s) which I do not think will be the case here from what we've seen so far. So your loss numbers may be off by 3 dB to 9 dB and I'm being...