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  1. BC_Scan

    No longer receiving San Juan County sheriff

    I have been hearing them all day long today (Sunday) no Issue's. Check the usual suspects, antenna, connector, can you receive WX weather , not sure what scanner you have.
  2. BC_Scan

    CREST issue

    It would help to know if you can get anything such as Weather etc. You must play with ATT on this scanner. First off, what control channels can you hear from your reception point? Jot them all down. Search between 141-144 MHz, then search 769-773 MHz , jot them down. This is a starting point...
  3. BC_Scan

    Digital on FRS/GMRS...? (Ottawa area)

    It is true. A guy I worked with left for a job locally and I told him about the sheer boredom about sitting at a desk reviewing license applications. I was told this by a local radio shop. The inspectors won't even come out to do mobile inspections any longer and they can't even operate a...
  4. BC_Scan

    Pictou County

    How hard could it be? Download Freescan on Windows PC, layout one bank for conventional freq's very many listed here (10-15 mins) this system here One bank each for at least 5 towers...
  5. BC_Scan

    St Jacobs Market

    CFW210 469.675 MHz DMR simplex. To listen you don't care about CC or TG , but jot it down for the list.
  6. BC_Scan

    RCMP in Manitoba before FleetNet

    It was all VHF 142 + 155 MHz , Thompson 155.55, Gillam 155.58. While I never listened in, maybe linked due to coverage area's Flin Flon on 155.64 and Churchill 155.64.
  7. BC_Scan

    2019 Cherokee install

    there is a rubber boot/grommet in the fire wall under dash drivers side very ackward you need to break/score small hole in this away from existing cable to route power through there, you can fish wire into cab and it will tie to battery from there. fuzzybr can you post antenna pick and other...
  8. BC_Scan

    bcd996p2 programming

    What I do when I go somewhere new is search for all the control channels in my listening area, ie: search 162-174 mhz and see where scanner stops. Press menu, scroll down service search , press eyes scroll to custom search, press eyes you will see 10 search banks pick the one that has or...
  9. BC_Scan

    Algoma District Frequency Updates

    P25 would have shown on the scanner. Did you pay for DMR upgrade? If not, the display shows nothing but you hear noise through speaker. VFY542 has another repeater assigned to it. They all show as analog (but it would not be the first time that they have switched to digital and license would...
  10. BC_Scan

    bcd996p2 programming

    Most stuff I find is ENC, you will see the ID but no sound , I mainly hear CBP and WSP, you have a strong signal, you can also try in search mode for another control channel of an adjacent site (JIWN)
  11. BC_Scan

    Help in Grays Harbor...

    This makes no sense what so ever you (per map) should be well within overlap of any IWN tower or WSP range , the big question is which outside antenna you have the connectors and the coax , can you show us pic of this to assist you better. I hear three IWN towers in my area and Im not even in...
  12. BC_Scan

    Fortis BC

    They don't use call signs if I recall correctly. I listen extensively to try and figure out system. You might be hearing Saltspring Island on 166.56 Did you hear JM or see it on a program ?
  13. BC_Scan

    Via Rail Canada

    We have active licenses out here
  14. BC_Scan

    Vancouver BC Former VHF TV 174-216MHz Mirroring FM Radio

    So a mix of the two or harmonic. Could be because CFMI is using HD radio so there are two other AM carriers on there AM980 + AM730, possibly a consequence of the mix. The other issue is where the txer's are both coming from Mt. Seymour, CBC Tower being higher than CFMI,
  15. BC_Scan

    Strange MDC-1200 Continous Chirping Signal

    This is not really strange this has been on the air for a few decades. It is the data for the MK I Syktrain system in Lower Mainland.
  16. BC_Scan

    Snowbirds Cross Country Flypasts

    Per live shot from last night global tv says they are grounded in Kamloops . So dunno about that.
  17. BC_Scan

    Any Christchurch Radio Scanners?

    when I read this you may be confusing anyone (noob) that wants to listen at the end of the day the scanner sees both these emissions as DMR, h while one is Moto the other is that other brand both can be trunk tracked with uniden.
  18. BC_Scan

    Site 38 info for MPSCS

    Am doing some research on my British Columbia local repeaters with a detailed map book and have discovered two repeater sites high up right on the edge of BC/Montana border NW corner of state , one Nth of Kootenai National Forest and one Nth of Flathead National Forest, they dont appear to serve...
  19. BC_Scan

    BCD436HP Programming DMR Channel with SL, CC & TGID

    Im going to say the 436 is not hearing the freq, there are no screen shots of a signal bar indicator on scanner, , I would do a manual search of that freq and see if you can hear the dmr signal in search mode. if you cant and the trx does, the signal strength is your issue.
  20. BC_Scan

    BCD996P2: Really Amazon?

    Factor in exchange and time wasted while waiting for crazy shipping delays etc, I would say I came out with less stress, instead there is 3 pages of bs on amazon ? doh, I thought we were talking about freqs and stuff ! nuff said.