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  1. Whiskey3JMC

    SDS200 Just Ordered A SDS200 : What Are My Odds?

    Might be able to do this in less than 2 minutes. Yes I'd highly recommend learning how to program it on your own. Plenty of resources and folks who can help on these here forums. Welcome aboard!
  2. Whiskey3JMC

    Creating an Uniden SDS database ?

    So basically you're inquiring about creating favorites lists and/or systems containing info not in the Radioreference database? If so, perhaps you should consider submitting the missing info to the database to make it easier for yourself & others to upload to their scanners? It'd be a whole lot...
  3. Whiskey3JMC

    Alinco Alinco DJ-X11T ???

    Here's a comparison video of the DJ-X11T versus a competing receiver, the Icom IC-R20. I owned an R20 years ago, was a great radio. The R20 seems to have cleaner audio on HF/SW with less hiss than the Alinco. Nicer, larger & easier to read display too
  4. Whiskey3JMC

    Grizzly Creek fire freqs?

    Think I may have found the Broadcastify feed here. It's showing up as #3 on their top 50 so it's probable this is what you're looking for
  5. Whiskey3JMC

    Grizzly Creek fire freqs?

    I'm seeing a Glenwood Springs Fire tac channel on their state TRS here. Also an analog fire tac channel here. It's not noted as "deprecated" in the database so unknown if it's still in use 154.13000 158.92500 WPLF782 RM GS Fire TAC Fire Tactical FM Fire-Tac
  6. Whiskey3JMC

    Help identifying Frequency

    Closest licensee I was able to find was KWU510, Site 3 in Santa Clara County with a 12.5 khz offset each way (454.800 & 454.825)
  7. Whiskey3JMC

    Somerset REC Radio Frequency

    The license you mentioned KYS639 still shows active. Couldn't hurt to plug in those frequencies and hunt for activity. There's also a First Energy license at that site as well showing active, KNJC214
  8. Whiskey3JMC

    BCD436HP: & SDS100 With Sentinel

    Simply choose File > Save As to create a new profile for each scanner. Just make sure you don't accidentally write one to the other. Might be worth creating a backup of one to a separate SD card you can fall back on if needed
  9. Whiskey3JMC

    SDS200 UID to Text Translation

    Agreed 100%. I only use Sentinel for settings tweaks and fw upgrades (remember them?). Anything to do with favorites lists, Proscan is my go-to. Much easier to bulk-update info
  10. Whiskey3JMC

    SDS100 display setting?

    Press Menu then scroll to Display Options and press E/yes. Yes it will extend battery life, but not by much
  11. Whiskey3JMC

    New to programming/Uniden BCD325P2

    See the very detailed guide on close call modes here. Very handy tool if you learn how to use it well
  12. Whiskey3JMC

    help with city

    What specific scanner did you buy? Hard to come to a determination not knowing this info. At the very least you'll need one of the scanners I outlined in green to track P25 Phase-I. The ones I outlined in red are a bit more expensive but can also track P25 Phase-II in addition to Phase-I (not...
  13. Whiskey3JMC

    Race Track Radio

    Hi there: Any time I can't locate a licensee in the FCC database, I visit and plug in the site address. I didn't check every site you asked about but found, for example Star Speedway I came up with a license for simplex-only operations which looks like it may be speedway...
  14. Whiskey3JMC

    NJICS Municipal Migration Discussion - Statewide

    4991 is Stone Harbor PD, District 13. I confirmed and submitted the update when I was down there last week
  15. Whiskey3JMC

    Delaware County Pa New System

    Why the blue text Joe? hard for an old man like me to see with dark theme enabled :ROFLMAO:
  16. Whiskey3JMC

    BCD996T: BCD996P2 problems?

    Have a read at the firmware updates summary for a synopsis of issues that have been resolved & features added via firmware
  17. Whiskey3JMC

    BCD996T: BCD996P2 problems?

    Perhaps you'll be interested in this pre-owned 996P2 with DMR upgrade installed in the classifieds section? (not my listing)
  18. Whiskey3JMC

    New D-STAR handheld: Icom ID-52A/E

    Looks nice but I would have liked to have seen a full numeric keypad. I owned an ID-51a briefly before selling it to go towards a Kenwood TH-D74a, much easier of an HT to program on the fly, tune the VFO, etc
  19. Whiskey3JMC

    No firmware updates?

    This has been discussed so many times on this forum on many different threads. Why no firmware updates? We don't know. There was a lot of uncertainty following Paul's passing and the pandemic may just be the final nail in the coffin. I'd like to believe Uniden will emerge from all of this...
  20. Whiskey3JMC

    Need portable antenna SDS100 scanner

    I've never used the Watson unit mentioned by the OP so I'm not sure how it compares to the Comet SMA-W100RX but I will recommend it nonetheless. Very versatile across all bands, adjustable and collapsible. I particularly like how it folds alongside the scanner for easy storage.