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  1. jonwienke

    Separate priority settings using two radios with Sentinel

    Have separate favorite lists for each scanner with different names and priority settings. Create separate Sentinel profiles for each scanner, and only download he applicable favorite list(s) to each scanner. For example: Favorite List A Favorite List B Profile A: Favorite List A...
  2. jonwienke

    BCD436HP Car Antenna

    Any antenna outside the vehicle will pick up more than a duck inside it.
  3. jonwienke

    SDS100: Uniden Repair--GPS Modded Scanner!

    The 3 pins on the right ant the pin on the far left had been resoldered by Uniden, and didn't move when probed. All of the others were loose; you can see the pin moving sideways when pressed.
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  5. jonwienke

    ProScan: No Audio ? SDS200

    A static IP address is almost always preferable.
  6. jonwienke

    SDS100: Uniden Repair--GPS Modded Scanner!

    This video is from a unit that had been to Uniden for the cold solder joint issue about a year ago. It still worked OK, but obviously was a problem waiting to happen.
  7. jonwienke

    Palmetto 800 Missing Sites & Talkgroups

    Your list would be a lot more useful if it specified which control channel(s) were used by each site. If you have read access to a programmed radio, that should be easy.
  8. jonwienke

    SDS100: Uniden Repair--GPS Modded Scanner!

    That might be a solder joint issue, or it might be a bad encoder. Do you have any of the other symptoms I mentioned?
  9. jonwienke

    Looking for frequencies:

    Do you feel lucky? Do you? Depending on your exact location, the 536 might work. But more likely, you will have problems receiving at least one simulcast system. Each one is pretty much a coin flip. Get the right tool for the job, and the odds will be ever in your favor.
  10. jonwienke

    Error Ridden Radio Feed

    Looks like a firewall is blocking traffic to me...
  11. jonwienke

    SDS100: Uniden SDS100 Replacement plastic knob

    FYI, I've officially started working on the 780XLT knob set in Fusion. I should have something available by the end of next week.
  12. jonwienke

    BDCD536 wont scan P25 Phase II

    No. TDMA X2 is obsolete. It's for a P25 variant that AFAIK isn't used any more, anywhere. P25 can mix phaseI and II, in a single system, so you can't have a separate system type. Regular P25 trunked has to support both. Simulcast is a possibility. If the system is being scanned and you see...
  13. jonwienke

    Looking for frequencies:

    Simulcast reception is very location-dependent for receivers not designed for it. Even with good signal, you'll get nothing in some places, and perfect reception in others. It's a total crapshoot. At your home location, you may get lucky, and you may not. If you plan on using the scanner mobile...
  14. jonwienke

    SDS100: Uniden SDS100 Replacement plastic knob

    I've updated my knobs, and am making them out of a medium-hard TPU. It's flexible and shock absorbing similar to rubber, but is 3D-printable and doesn't fall off when left in hot vehicles.
  15. jonwienke

    August 2020: Problematic simulcast issues resolved (Mostly)

    The SDS models will do so with a few button clicks.
  16. jonwienke

    Format & use new sd card for SDS200

    Any name-brand card will come already formatted FAT32. There's no need to format the card unless you're having a problem doing Clear User Data or whatever.
  17. jonwienke

    programming my BCD325P2

    Look up the difference between ID search and ID scan...
  18. jonwienke

    BDCD536 wont scan P25 Phase II

    Scan the database for your area after updating it to the latest. Do you hear anything that way?
  19. jonwienke

    How often does the location database get updated?

    Location for what?
  20. jonwienke

    SDS 200 - Favorite List Systems enabled at startup

    Avoids and quick keys are totally separate.