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  1. jparks29

    WSDOT P25 Ferries

    The 2 sites callsigns weren't included because they are invalid. They're being broadcast as.... 187yyu and 187yyw But that's nothing new for state agencies. I've seen 700 meg freqs using the callsign from a microwave only license....
  2. jparks29

    Suggestions for a new guy??

    Get a mobile first. A lot of people get frustrated with a portable and its limitations. Also, get a vanity callsign.
  3. jparks29

    Harris RPM

    I know. But it's not every day I get to say you're wrong.. I'll take it where I can get it, even if it's out of context and a technicality... :ROFLMAO:
  4. jparks29

    Harris RPM

    AkShUaLlY.... The Tait Orca software programs the Panther 600P, and vice versa. You do lose G*star when using the Orca software though. :geek:
  5. jparks29

    Commander II RSM Earpiece

    Interesting.... I could have sworn it was 2.5mm. It's been years since i bought mine, but it was cheap and worked... Sorry.
  6. jparks29

    Commander II RSM Earpiece

    Standard 2.5mm I grabbed an el cheapo from amazon and it has worked great....
  7. jparks29

    Can we get a Motorola Professionals Forum?

    and thank god for that..
  8. jparks29

    Public CBRS

    Who would be running gear on 3.5Ghz?
  9. jparks29

    JWIN TG question.

    Harris systems use multi-select and patching a little different than /\/\ does. Based on my monitoring, and the fact that the talkgroups are semi-random, it seems to be the case here that they're being patched through a Harris system. Harris systems use SAID (System Assigned ID) patches So...
  10. jparks29

    Infographic not changing color

    Nailed it. It has also happened with other states... OR and OSRP, DC with DOJWIN.. I'm guessing it has something to do with multi-state or multi-county systems not setting a 'changed' flag?
  11. jparks29

    Infographic not changing color

    I have new updates in my state, the interactive state selector is normally green for any changes made in 24 hours, but it's the standard color. F5 and Ctrl-F5 don't change things.
  12. jparks29

    BCD436HP: Memory Management suggestions for PS comms user?

    I'm used to commercial radio, picked up a 436HP for $66 from a drug seizure auction. Yeah, great deal, I know.. But I'm having an issue. I don't want to use it as a scanner per say, more like a monitor for trunked radio systems. There are a couple of goals I have in mind. 1. Program as much...
  13. jparks29

    Anyone have audio from Puyallup PD, 5/29 ~2010hrs?

    Never mind.. found it... Bahahaha Puyallup PD - Clyp
  14. jparks29

    Anyone have audio from Puyallup PD, 5/29 ~2010hrs?

    Looking for a call that went out, someone complaining about a truck being associated with white supremacists because it had an American flag on it. lol
  15. jparks29

    WSP 700 Where did they go?

    The codeplug Motorola made sucked, and they're having roaming issues. The fix so far is troopers to operate in conventional mode, in D1, D2, D7 and D8. Quote from the PSR.....
  16. jparks29

    WSP 700 Where did they go?

    F7E is for commercial equipment... not scanners..
  17. jparks29

    WSP 700 Where did they go?

    That was me, and yes, there is.... according to the work sheets... "On January 27, 2020, the Washington State Patrol’s Land Mobile Radio System Upgrade Project (LMRSUP) launched cutover to the Quincy state data center, established the interconnect with the FBI’s core radio system, and cutover...
  18. jparks29

    Virginia State Police Coverage

    The uniden BCT-10 and BCT-12 were exactly that. Programmed with state frequencies and mobile extender freqs. It would alert on mobile extender freqs much like a radar detector would.
  19. jparks29

    P7100ip "Sluggish"

    Do you have scan enabled?
  20. jparks29

    WSP 700 meg trunk system

    and now you know why I told you any information I gave you would be obsolete soon anyway. hahah