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  1. JDrisc3480

    Antenna recommendation for a firefighter using VHF analog

    This is just a thought but you said that you are surrounded by giant trees, what about putting up a stealth antenna in those trees if possible. It would let you get it up higher as well as hide that it is there from your HOA.
  2. JDrisc3480

    Bay Bridge Jumper

    Was the jumper found?
  3. JDrisc3480

    what we can stream over our scanner and what you can't

    Do you know how many feed providers there are on here? I don't but I can guarantee that there are so many that it is impossible for all the administrators to monitor them all. Plus they have other things to do (like jobs) then monitor feeds looking for violators. That is why there is a way...
  4. JDrisc3480

    Structure Fire in Raeford

    Structure fire downtown Raeford. Stations 1,3,4,5 and 10 paged out. No life hazard
  5. JDrisc3480

    How did you get interested in radios or public safety?

    I got interested in radios back as a freshman in high school. My physical science teacher has an amateur radio in the class room. Now public safety, my wife convinced me to join a local volunteer department.
  6. JDrisc3480

    AF 1 headed to Fayetteville NC Saturday

    Is he actually landing at the airport in Fayetteville or landing at Pope AAF?
  7. JDrisc3480

    Yahoo Forum For the WinRadio G-31 Excalibur, etc. ?

    Yahoo basically did away with their groups. If I remember correctly, you can email the group admin and they can put you on their mailing list. Only other thing I can think of it to try Google groups and see if it is in there.
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    Raspberry Pi3

    Question. What is darkice, darksnow and icecast?
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    New Version of SDR# Released

    Cool. Thanks for sharing
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    I got to get creative lol mobile scanner set up for 18 Malibu

    What about the spot behind the cup holders and before the arm rest?
  11. JDrisc3480

    Possible man hunt in Fayetteville

    Turned on Broadcastify, listening to the feed from Cumberland county and I caught the middle of what sounds like a man hunt in Fayetteville. Drone in use to assist.
  12. JDrisc3480

    Excellent Source For Equipment Manuals!

    I will have to keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing
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    "Anomalous frequencies" in riot zones?

    That is an interesting idea. Since the protesters seem to be listening to police communications via scanners and relaying information to others, the idea to listen to the protesters communications and relay that information to other officers.
  14. JDrisc3480

    Hoke County Structure Fire

    Structure fire in Hoke county. Stations 1,2,3,4,6, Fort Bragg and Fayetteville station 13 paged out
  15. JDrisc3480

    How Many Hours A Day Are You Monitoring?

    Working in Afghanistan I listen to Broadcastify about 2-3 hours a day
  16. JDrisc3480

    High Point University

    This might help. You will need to click on each call sign and when a new page opens up click on the frequencies tab...
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    need help with a yaesu fta230 handheld radio

    Just a suggestion, but you will probably get a response to your question if you move this to the "All Other Scanner Manufacturers" forum.
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    My Little Listening Desk

    You have quite the setup there. Neat and organized. I love it