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  1. mike619

    Heartland automated dispatch

    You are right it does sound more clear for sure even a firefighter had problems with the female voice robot they had to ask dispatch what street the robot was saying they couldn't understand it.
  2. mike619

    Heartland automated dispatch

    Yes it is now a male robot it's testosterone boost:LOL: and it seems now the only human dispatchers left are Metro for Chula Vista and the zone 6 departments and Cal Fire.
  3. mike619

    Heartland automated dispatch

    XSD 8 Deer how it sounds
  4. mike619

    Heartland automated dispatch

    The tone out on that automated dispatch sounds like a Sonicare toothbrush beeping when going through settings on it:LOL:
  5. mike619

    Heartland automated dispatch

    On a plus note if I miss the call once it sometimes repeats it.
  6. mike619

    Heartland automated dispatch

    Is Heartland now using automated dispatching as well because I am now hearing a robot dispatching does anyone know if they are doing that permanently or testing it out?
  7. mike619

    Alpine brush fire.
  8. mike619

    Valley Fire Frequencies

    Also the humane society RCS channels as well. 130.200 also
  9. mike619

    Heartland/Northcom Channel assignments for incidents

    For Metro in south bay usually structure fires are on 6F,6G Heartland is usually 1F,1G for sturucture fires I hope that is some help.
  10. mike619

    MAFFS San Diego County

    I was curious as to what frequencies MAFFS is on in San Diego County for wildland fires if anyone can help?
  11. mike619

    Wildfire 2020

    Any idea what frequencies are used by MAFFS for air to air etc?
  12. mike619

    Apple Fire incident in Riverside county

    Does anyone know what frequencies are being used on the incident?
  13. mike619

    NFAC March Saturday the 25th

    The radios the guy has at the top looks like a Retevis RT24
  14. mike619

    Can Anyone Help ID This Encrypted User?

    Sounds like you got UCSD Hillcrest.
  15. mike619

    San Diego Co/Imperial Co Regional Communications System (RCS) Question Thread

    I like to monitor fire department radio and I am east county at the moment and in order to get Northcomm and Escondido would I need to add the west and north sites in addition to the south site in which I get Heartland and Metro fire?
  16. mike619

    El Cajon Dispach 1

    They are still doing it I don't know what's going on.
  17. mike619

    DEA Aircraft - FBI Aircraft - Federal Aircraft Fleet Flight Tracking on ADSBexchange Aircraft Tracking Site

    How would someone make their own custom fleet map do you just keep adding the Mode-S to the url?
  18. mike619

    Getting back into scanning

    San Diego MTS Access ParaTransit uses NXDN if you want to listen to them you may want the upgrade but it is up to you what you like to listen to.
  19. mike619

    El Cajon Dispach 1

    Why is El Cajon encrypting their dispatch traffic what is going on?
  20. mike619

    San Diego area George Floyd protests

    All they need to do is just switch to a tac channel and they are good since tac streaming is not allowed I doubt there are many out with scanners on them but I will save that for another topic in the forums.