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  1. rescuecomm

    Travelers Rest Fire Department DMR

    Seems like the database has been updated with a DMR entry for Travelers Rest Fire Department. The frequency is one listed for MCA's big system on Paris Mountain. They have been dispatched on the Greenville County UHF 453.500 for a while. I was wondering if a change back to local dispatch is in...
  2. rescuecomm

    Pickens County Palmetto 800

    Can you confirm if the radios are on the PAL 800 system talkgroups or on the SCTAC conventional 800 repeaters? Bob
  3. rescuecomm

    Pickens County Palmetto 800

    At one time, all Pickens County EMS and Rescue Squad trucks had 800 mhz radios in them. We could use them for interop with EMS trucks and the county dispatch. Then the Sheriff's office decided that the PAL800 wasn't worth the price along with the Pickens County School system switching to DMR on...
  4. rescuecomm

    Why the rush to Phase 2 P25 when the D block is coming on line?

    Wasn't aware that slot 2 can carry voice. Any agencies doing this? I understand the importance of having dedicated dispatch and operation channels. How important is slow data? RS
  5. rescuecomm

    Why the rush to Phase 2 P25 when the D block is coming on line?

    If data is coming from broadband, could P25 be configured for two voice channels?
  6. rescuecomm

    Defunding Law Enforcement

    What effect could this have on big budget communication projects?
  7. rescuecomm

    Greenville EMS Channel list.

    I heard GVL EMS tell a responding unit to move to Central 1/channel 6. The channel listing seems to be odd since they used to refer to 462.950 as channel 9. According to the MED channel list, that is channel 9. The UHF Tac 1 is actually Med 10. So how does Central 1 talk group become channel...
  8. rescuecomm

    Looking like all the Greenville VHF is moving

    Oh well, looks like my days of listening to Greenville County Fire dispatch on my ham radio is "Over." I see a mobile scanner in my future. Bob
  9. rescuecomm

    Question for someone to give me help..

    I looked up the FCC ID number. That radio is shown on a test fixture radiating 36.57 dbm. Four and a half watts on high power from that short antenna? Hard to believe on a consumer radio, but that's what was in the records. Bob
  10. rescuecomm

    Question for someone to give me help..

    I might be wrong, but seems the FRS radio power limit is 2 watts ERP. So exactly how the Midland 5 watt radios are rated will determine this. Very few handhelds can actually do 5 watts ERP on a stubby duck antenna. Also, with fixed antennas, how would one test for the RF carrier power? Bob
  11. rescuecomm

    Downtown Columbia Protest/Riots 5/30 & 5/31

    For us upstate people, what is BPS? Prisons? Bob
  12. rescuecomm

    Conventional mode PL Codes for Aiken County Sheriff receive only

    You have to program those radios for a non-affilliated scan. Otherwise any (non-paid) radio that shows up on a trunked public safety system will be inhibited or bricked in the common tongue. They work well but they should because the initial cost of these units was over $2,000 each. The XTS5000...
  13. rescuecomm

    Private Ambulance Services

    Thanks BMedcom for your input. I think that most of us tend to focus on emergency code 3 responses and forget how many routine transports between patient's homes, doctors offices, hospitals, and retirement centers go on every day. We had a guy in our rescue squad whose father owned a private...
  14. rescuecomm

    2 Repeaters 1 Hardline/antenna

    I must be the only one who read the post that indicated the public safety user access was secondary (non-critical). Their communications are carried on other systems. Okay, l get the gist of the matter is that secondary public safety use doesn't compute. Maybe the OP should put his repeater on...
  15. rescuecomm

    Private Ambulance Services

    I guess we should have referred to the private ambulance companies as the Medicaid transport providers versus the emergency responders.
  16. rescuecomm

    UHF Ground plane radial lengths

    Also note the 45 degree slope on the radials which makes the impedance closer to 50 ohms.
  17. rescuecomm

    Thales PRC antenna 100 ohms

    Must have a termination resistance to keep the transmitter loaded.
  18. rescuecomm

    Private Ambulance Services

    I took a ride on a Prisma ambulance on Christmas eve. They weren't on 800 but maybe on the Hospital's DMR system. The medic on board didn't know any frequency information.
  19. rescuecomm

    Greenville County Emergency Management

    Does this agency still exist? What does their communications go over? I've noticed that the local fire departments seem to handle most situations. RS
  20. rescuecomm

    PL and DCS Codes

    Back in the early 1980's when I first got licensed, few amateur repeaters used PL (CTCSS) or DCS because the RF noise level was consistently low. Only a noise squelch was needed in most cases. In fact, my first 2 meter handheld (an Icom IC2-AT) had no built in encoder. With the coming of...