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  1. danesgs

    Need a good indoor 2 meter band antenna.

    You can build a better antenna than a mobile in the window like this one. As stated, knowing what your limitations are helps us with a better answer. Getting ISS SSTV images really might still be iffy unless you have an attic antenna with some gain...
  2. danesgs

    Cheapest/best kid scanner.

    I would agree on the last. depending on the age a phone app would either get them interested in radio in general, or not. spending 50 bucks would be better on school supplies...
  3. danesgs

    Seeking Options to Transmit From Radio Room to My Yard

    49 mhz kids walkie talkies work best at 100 milliwatts. I set one up once and did a test of transmit range and got about 2 1/2 blocks away before I got flutter and the audio is good enough for what you want. Also they are a bit cheaper than baby monitors although they use the same set of...
  4. danesgs

    WX radio repeater on solar power

    You can also power anything up there with a 12 volt solar powered trail cam battery.
  5. danesgs

    Nostalgia - Your Favorite Rig of All Time (and Why)

    My first HAM rig was a HTX-200 from radio shack clearance. a mighty 200 milliwatts!
  6. danesgs

    2 Meter and 70 CM Antenna Tripod Project

    Here is another alternative. Ed Fong sells a very light-weight 2/440 roll-up antenna called the DBJ-1. Its made of 300 ohm coax and RG-174 cut to center of both bands with a BNC connector on one end and your choice of adapter (SMA-F or M). I don't even think it weighs more than an ounce. You...
  7. danesgs

    SDS100: Cold Solder Joint

    Nice find on this microscope, price is good also. wold save a lot of eye strain and find things you might miss even with a magnifying glass.
  8. danesgs

    Baofeng any help with programming baofeng bf-f8hp hand held radio

    Actually Walter if using a pencil with your other hand and having the Baofeng on a flat surface you could program it without an issue in VFO mode. The key to manually programming them is memorizing the most common menu numbers. Using Chirp is of course the BEST way to do things but in the filed...
  9. danesgs

    Looking for legacy DB file(s) for GRECOM PSR-800

    This may be off the wall, but have you tried a new SD card?
  10. danesgs

    Audio patch pannel for multiple scanners

    Thanks for all the great ideas, appreciate it. Greg
  11. danesgs

    Audio patch pannel for multiple scanners

    I thought about a mixer also but don't want to spend that kind of money. Just looking to re-direct audio. Am sure perhaps my next step is a music store or home brew. Remember when the Grateful Dead use to carry a semi-truck full of audio gear, speakers, mixers, baffles and such, cause they would...
  12. danesgs

    Audio patch pannel for multiple scanners

    Is there an off the shelf solution for running audio from mutiple scanners to a box that has buttons or switches to switch between multiple scanners? Yeah I could build one but don't have the time. Not looking for signal prcessing, just audio distribution. Thanks KJ4DGE
  13. danesgs


    I still occasionally take a listen to 11 meters but as stated, its not what was being heard in the 1970's. The adage you can't go back sort of applies. Ham radio offers some good talk on 2 meters and certain cliches on 440. I am guessing some of the folks talking trash on CB today are very...
  14. danesgs

    Listing of USA P25 Phase 1 and 2 systems

    Thanks, Got it. Hopefully some N. Virginia users will have an updated list at some point. 73 KJ4DGE
  15. danesgs

    Listing of USA P25 Phase 1 and 2 systems

    If anyone knows of anything newer let me know. If it was all taken from here then I guess we at RRDB have the most up to date info other than the FCC. I think it was once stated to me by a user here, that it was up to the RR users to update info for various jurisdictions of various state systems?
  16. danesgs

    Listing of USA P25 Phase 1 and 2 systems

    Found it , thanks to all!
  17. danesgs

    Listing of USA P25 Phase 1 and 2 systems

    No, but these are new to me and thanks. I think it was a link to a PDF with state listings already in it. It covered all 50 states and had highlights in different colors if I remember. It also had a breakdown of when certain systems were going to phase 2.
  18. danesgs

    Listing of USA P25 Phase 1 and 2 systems

    Awhile back someone posted a link to a file that listed statewide P25 1 and 2 systems here. I am looking for it again but not sure where to look.
  19. danesgs

    Interesting PRO-96 issue

    That sounds right to me, thanks a bunch!