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    Uniden Bearcat SR30C Programming Questions

    NO WHERE can I find information on exactly HOW to CHANGE from one bank to the NEXT. Then no where can I locate information on once in the selected bank, how to enter a frequency and then how to SAVE it OR EVEN how to start a new frequency to enter and save once a frequency before it has been...
  2. godskidz

    SR30C programming

    Hi to all. I just got a SR30C and I can't get my laptop windows 7 to recognize the scanner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. God Bless †
  3. S

    SR30C won't reset

    I have a new SR30C which I was able to program without issues. Been working well until I turned it on this week... Display is malfunctioning... The 9-2-hold "fix" doesn't work as well. I've connected to computer to program from there, but the display is still messed up. New video by Suzanne...
  4. Butelsoftware

    new Uniden SR30C software

    Since the Uniden bc75 scanner has been discontinued we have added support for the new Uniden SR30C scanner to the ARC75 programming software . Gommert
  5. N

    SR30C just arrived!

    Just a few comments about the new SR30C I like as compared to the older BC75xlt. No review, since it is basically a 75xlt with more memory channels per bank. However, there is an important aspect to the case styling I'd like to see brought to the BC125 / 325 to help them look more like a tool...

    Uniden's new SR30C Scanner...why?

    I've been looking over the specs on Uniden's new SR30C Scanner vs the very similar BC125AT Scanner and I have to ask why was the SR30C created? What does it bring to the party that the BC125AT doesn't? The thing that stood out immediately that the new SR30C does not cover everything the...