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  1. S

    BC125AT Scan Mode All locked

    Hi, I'm new here and have just bought a Bearcat BC125AT. I sat down to start programming the scanner but got nowhere. After the first two screens appear I get "All Channels locked out" followed by "Scan Mode Locked out". I read a thread from 2014 about this issue but the solution i read there...
  2. W

    bc125at (handheld scanner just picked it up today) programming question

    just got the radio today, got the software installed and my channels loaded into bank 1/2 and scanning/reception is working well. my question is about making changes to things such as volume level/ brightness ect. i raised the volume level and a few other things by the programming cable but...
  3. maxxkatt

    Changed my mind on BC125AT purchase

    I live in North Atlanta and changed my mind on the BC125AT purchase. My idea was to use this for mobile operations and the RTL-SDR dongle on my laptop at home with my Discone antenna in the attic with low loss RG8 50' cable. But then I would have to use my laptop running microsoft XP software...
  4. maxxkatt

    what mobile antenna for my BC125AT

    I will be using it for CB bands and military aircraft bands. The range of the scanner is 25 mhz to 511 mhz. Not really interested in police bands because in Atlanta metro area almost all of them are encrypted. I want a magnetic mount on my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. I am planning to run the cable...
  5. maxxkatt

    Just order the BC125AT handheld scanner on Amazon

    I live in North Atlanta. I need to know the setup and components to mount a Discone antenna in the attic with the cable going down to my 1st floor office. I plan to use this scanner at home and in the car. Need a recommendation of an antenna for my SUV and how to get the cable into the car up...
  6. JimD56

    Receive Sensitivity Specs BCT15x vs. BC125AT

    Is there any literature or anecdotal evidence here on the forum on the receive sensitivity specs of the BCT15x vs. the BC125AT when listening to UHF 453-460mhz Analog with the same antenna. I just picked up a BC125AT return on Amazon for $76 to monitor just one channel not tying up any of my...
  7. L

    Uniden BC125AT program software question.

    When programming my BC125AT with the software uniden offers I need to fill in every window separately. Here’s what I would like to do if possible. Highlight all 8 lines of information from radio reference, copy and paste them all in one shot? Is this possible with any of the other scanner...
  8. G

    Can I use the Bearcat BC125AT for these frequences?

    I'm looking to monitor West dispatch and the various tac channels. I see they are part of the Project 25 Phase II but it looks like only one channel is actually using the P25. If that is the case, can I just use the BC125 to monitor those other channels?
  9. D

    BC125AT stopped receiving

    After updating 2 of my BC125AT scanners with the Uniden software, now they will not receive any signals?! Everything appears to be normal, but it shows no signal received, will not even stop on strong freqs. Even strong signals that other units receive fine. I have done factory reset with no...
  10. S

    BC125AT replacement keypad

    I have a BC125AT where some of the numbers have worn off the rubber keypad. Is there someplace where I can order a replacement?
  11. 7Seas

    NEWBIE question...basic or overkill...BC125AT or Whistler WS1065

    Hello all, This is my first time posting. I live in the Windsor area. I am about to purchase my first scanner and was recommended the BC125AT (to keep it simple to start they tell me). Being in Canada, we pay more compared to the U.S. On Amazon, the BC125AT is about $170 but I have a chance...
  12. KB2GOM

    The BC125AT -- initial impressions

    ...That seemed like a good idea to me. He also mentioned monitoring air frequencies, and that sounded like fun. So I ordered a returned Uniden BC125AT from Amazon, and that’s where these initial impressions actually begin. The BC125AT arrived safely, and my first impression is that the fit and...
  13. P

    Can dropping your BC125AT damage audio or reduce range?

    I recently dropped my Bearcat BC125AT scanner from my desk and onto the floor. When it fell I also accidentally ran over the top of the antenna with my chair although I picked it up quickly. My question is if there is a possibility that the scanners hardware was damaged or there are any...
  14. M

    HI new to the forums and a BC125AT , Douglas county GA EMS and FIRE ?

    setup the scanner for norfolk southern here in winston , but county ems fire and police i can't get to come through , are they on a different system ?
  15. rvacs

    BC125AT - 1.05.01 latest firmware - any updated info?

    ...when it turns on says 1.05.01. Can't find anything online but 1.03.01 Wonder what changes there are between these two versions - where can I get more current info? Is this the latest firmware? BC125AT SS (Software is: 1.03 rev 00) - anything newer than this? Just trying to verify this...
  16. Yocuz

    125AT BC125AT display question.

    I recently started using a Uniden BC125T scanner for local VHF/UH Civil and Mil air bands. I can't seem to find info on the display screen output to the right of the signal bars when adjusting the volume. I assume it might be battery/voltage level but am not sure. Can anyone fill me in?
  17. T

    Uniden BC125AT Screen Flickering

    Hello, I am experiencing an issue with my BC125AT. I plugged it in to one of my laptops yesterday, and wanted to program it with Scan125. I got an error from the app saying there were no COM ports on the system. So being safe, I eject the scanner and turn it on, and the screen LCD is glitching...
  18. N4DJC

    Best set up for BC125AT

    How do you set up your banks for rail? Right now I have separate banks set up for CSX, NS, and the local short lines. All alpha tagged. Do any of you have the AAR channels programmed as well? I‘ve not tried setting them up yet. Thanks....
  19. D

    Any way to activate 58.000 to 108.000 on Uniden BC125AT

    I have a uniden BC125AT and I got thinking, is there any way to somehow get access to the 58.000 to 108.000 range or does the standard US model not have the supported electronic internals to access this? I understand the UBC125AT or X something which is available for the Australian and New...