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    DNR Talkgroup tables in the wiki

    While cleaning up the orphans in our wiki (articles that don't link to anything), I came across 2 somewhat conflicting articles. One seems to have an 'official' designation, the other is more descriptive. Before I put a quantum torpedo in the one with the official descriptions, I'm wondering...
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    Upcoming MW DX Test - including FT8 amateur digital mode

    New details per the World of Radio reflector This week I am going to be airing a Halloween special on WNJC 1360 AM. There will be no FT-8 test this week. I am going to play Halloween sound effects and music mixed with DX audio test clips. I will be starting at 00:00 UTC 11/1 (08:00 PM EDT...
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    R.I.P. Icom R75?

    That looks like a Perseus on the top of the R75 on the upper right - or if not, what? Mike
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    CHIRP radio programming software ??

    BTW, the chirp user list can be found here Mike
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    New TRX-1/What Software to Program

    This might also help.... Mike
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    Tecsun An initial overview of the PL-330

    How do you find the firmware version of the 330? Mike
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    Tecsun PL-368 prototype on display

    From the blog Mike
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    Using the IC-705 with MultiPSK

    A gentleman has figured out how to use the new IC-705 with the popular decoding software MultiPSK for listening/decoding. The details are in the MultiPSK io groups, and if you're interested in this, I'd suggest joining here... This is where Patrick F6CTE (the...
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    Yahoo groups is pulling the plug

    I'm quite sure that this is a group by group thing - the FB groups I belong to are, for the most part, very much on topic and not much fluff is tolerated...Mike
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    SDS100: Newbie question : what to do with a USED scanner?

    This will help you get a leg up on Sentinel and you can download it before you actually get the scanner to let you play around with a bit from here... Mike
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    Yahoo groups is pulling the plug

    Facebook is another popular option....Mike
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    Active Using a PA0RDT Mini Whip in a noisy urban environment

    From the blog - the title says it all. Perhaps some of you are using the mini whip in your setup - this might help quell some of the noise issues This antenna is the same as...
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    Military aircraft and discriminator info

    There are indeed segments of the milair band that are used for P25 trunking systems at military bases, but given the environment today, anything interesting on them will be highly encrypted. Your SDS100 will handle these systems, so long as they are in the clear....Mike
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    ALA 1530 loop is deaf

    Remember Wellbrook is in the UK; there will be a time lag for replies. Hopefully it's as simple as the BNC connector....Mike
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    SWL monitoring from Saskatchewan.

    There are many such networks, including the famous Kiwi system. You can find links for them here.... Mike
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    SDR# The new co channel canceller

    2 links from I suspect this might be more of use on MW stations though co channel interference can certainly happen on HF
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    Sangean A new version of the ATS909

    Some sad news, maybe due to the pandemic..... Mike
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    SWL monitoring from Saskatchewan.

    Your setup is fine - you just need a bit more understanding of how propagation works HF propagation determines when to listen - this is due to the sun's ionizing the upper layers of the ionosphere. The basic rule: above 10 Mhz during the day, below that at night. During the summer, the upper...
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    The Command Center of VE5JL 2019

    Yes indeed there is, and it's called NAVTEX. This is found on several longwave frequencies, and any decoder - including that Universal - that can handle SITOR-B can handle NAVTEX. This is because the protocols are very close. FAX weather charts (and in your case, you might have a better shot...
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    cannot get usb to work with bearcat 996 is there something I need to do with the scanner?

    Also your PC is important. Which Windows do you have? Win7, 8.1 or 10? Mike