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  1. Ronaldski

    Discriminator taps on various Uniden scanners?

    Those models arent currently on the wiki , not saying it cant be done but no info. Discriminator output - The RadioReference Wiki
  2. Ronaldski

    Radio Shack Pro 197

    I see Summit county is indeed simulcast - multiple towers, same frequencies. Click under the links for FCC licenses to show the tower locations- Since this is an older radio, presumably your getting second hand, if its from someone local, I...
  3. Ronaldski

    Freescan: Cant log on to RR database through Freescan

    No issue here with freescan logging in. Retype your login/pw by hand in freescan. I would suggest and be sure if there are any upper/lower case letters match those letter cases.
  4. Ronaldski

    TGID priority

    396xt series havent had firmware updates for a couple years never will, 396T have been even longer. Last time update was "Topic revision: r12 - 28 Jun 2011 - PaulOpitz " FYI the xt series and current series do have priority...
  5. Ronaldski

    PSREdit: PSREDIT500 Trunked Error Screen

    I get the same thing, also as expected happens on conventional import, We used to have situations where the database had a bunch of � scattered all over, I see a few still here though, This is the cause of the problem, once that is fixed it would work. I don't have admin rights for that so...
  6. Ronaldski

    TGID priority

    That model doesnt do priority on ANY trunking systems at all. I used to own one, my first digital and first trunking scanner.
  7. Ronaldski

    TGID priority

    Related, also see BCD325P2: - Priority Channels Essentially its not like analog - conventional frequencies where you can set anything as priority. Digital, the priority...
  8. Ronaldski

    BCD996P2: Deaf BCD996P2

    I would change those DMR ones from ID Scan to ID Search, might be using a different talkgroup ? Also hoping not for you, but if they went encrypted, the Unidens will simply disregard those and just keep scanning.
  9. Ronaldski

    whistler ws1065

    I have worked with a lot of people and their scanners. you say its loose. I have had a couple people have issues, yours sound like this. Connector is BNC, means you push the antenna on with the antenna slot to fit the the tab thats on the scanner side connector then once pushed in you turn it...
  10. Ronaldski

    125 xlt

    For the analog scanners just do it by hand, no real need for software or computer. Only thing might come in handy is once setup you could save the setup to a computer. First go around I would just put in the frequencies, say emergency services in bank 1, airplanes in bank 2, marine in 3. Then...
  11. Ronaldski

    using my rs 651

    Is this for silver lake MI? You can be a premium subscriber, use software then download into that, then you would need a programming cable to send to the radio with a windows computer. One thing radio shack as an additional $30 'conveniently left out' as compared to the whistler version that...
  12. Ronaldski

    Uniden BCD396XT only picking up very little radio traffic

    My 396xt works quite well in the car while going through a couple nearby simulcast counties. True that an SDS model will work, but are indeed costly at $650 everywhere. Lets work to get what he has up and running. Since you that model, you probably have had it for some years and it worked in...
  13. Ronaldski

    PSRedit software

    Easy, rightclick the frequency and select Edit.... Also you can do multiples with pushing the CTRL key and left click then push rightclick Edit...
  14. Ronaldski

    Programming a Uniden BCD996P2

    look at another current forum thread New user of Uniden BCD996P2. Where to start?
  15. Ronaldski

    New user of Uniden BCD996P2. Where to start?

    Freescan download link Downloads - Sixspot Software Again since your a premium subscriber you can look at those videos with the link I gave in message 9 on how to do your own programming. Its essential since as time goes on new frequencies, talkgroups more than likely will be added or even...
  16. Ronaldski

    New user of Uniden BCD996P2. Where to start?

    Since your a premium subscriber you can use free software, Freescan to program your radio, I use it. It just doesnt support NXDN, DMR programming if you decide to do the upgrade. Also has four how-to videos at the bottom, FreeScan User Guide - The RadioReference Wiki
  17. Ronaldski

    whistler scanner

    Well if you your trying to get this system, you bought the wrong scanner, maybe from seeing a lower price than a digital scanner which is a common mistake people do. You will need to look, if going the less expensive way to the ws1040 or ws1065 as shown in message 4. Uniden less expensive are...
  18. Ronaldski

    whistler scanner

    These are just the portable versions of the desktop WS1065 on assumption thats one you may have. Program the same way. See how to program 651 is really the same...
  19. Ronaldski

    Need Programmer For PRO-106

    Yep one of the things about the radio systems they very often change to another radio system and have updated talkgroups that show up in the database. Knowing how to program you can keep up as things change and they definitely do. Since your county is using type II which is being fast outmoded...
  20. Ronaldski

    Whistler 1065 should I purchase?

    996p2 you program it, if you know how to program as I do, I prefer it and its certainly less money. You can use the free program freescan with it. Freescan doesnt support DMR, but looks like in your county just a couple business related trunking systems is all. You can look at how-to videos at...