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    When Scanning..........

    Go to the Scanlist selection in menu (and in EZ Scan) scroll down about 150-175 scanlists and unselect it.
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    New TRX-1/What Software to Program

    @TexasStar15 it really is not difficult to use once you get used to it. You can download the software and start learning/programming with it even before your new scanner arrives. When the scanner arrives be sure to run the all updates to make sure everything is current. Finally, when...
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    New TRX-1/What Software to Program

    There is only one the free EZ Scan from Whistler
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    SDS200 Receiving encryption on SDS200

    Off topic, @ko6jw_2 , is Lompoc FBOP using P25 or Motorola Type II?
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    My county

    On the main screen where you see your name go all the my to the right where it says EDIT MYRR and click on that That will take you to the screen to edit your profile choices.
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    Circleville POTUS Rally 10/23

    So far this campaign season it appears it is simplex, usually don't hear them until they are about 2 minutes out from the airport on the return. I've been unable to locate a repeater if one is in use and I've searched. See lots of cell phone usage. AF1 wheels up 3:05 headed your way in...
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    Question about a post

    Post here and you'll be fine
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    Circleville POTUS Rally 10/23

    AF1 was scheduled to depart Fayetteville NC at 2pm but they are just nearing the airport now, 20 minutes late, with an arrival at Rickenbacker Int'l Airport at 3:15pm. While USSS freqs are encrypted but if you want to try to catch comms from the USSS look for NAC of 001, TGs are usually 1 or...
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    VIPER Statewide Radio System Discussion

    Cumberland County conducting EMS/Fire training exercise on Viper Statewide Foxtrot 1, 2 and 3 this morning
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    AF1 Arriving in Fayetteville NC Today 10/23

    Another campaign stop in North Carolina today. AF1 arrives at Fayetteville Regional Airport, from Palm Beach FL, at 11:40am, before POTUS motorcades over to the Robeson County Fairgrounds for a 12:30pm event scheduled to last 45 minutes. He heads back to the airport at 1:15pm. Departure is...
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    North Carolina New License Grants

    Another slow week for FCC licenses in NC. Guilford Co, Wayne Co, and NCDOC got licenses renewed, Amazon got a modification (believe added radius to the license). Been lots of campaign activity in the state the past week, those around Fayetteville and Lumberton might catch more activity today...
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    Presidential Debate MILAIR

    Banker 10 has dropped that callsign and flying home, it is 63-8020 AE07C2 and based out of Wichita KS (KIAB) and was replaced by Banker 11, 64-14829 AE037F which I believe is out of KPHX AZ ANG. AF1 is scheduled to depart at 10:10pm CDT and arrive ADW at 12:40am EDT
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    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2020

    Just a wild guess, there is a company that deals with aircraft instruments, could that be what they were talking about?
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    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2020

    92-9000 up in the air headed sw, guess they are going to buzz Charlotte and head home.
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    Thank you for the actual Uniden prices, Scannermasters is charging $75 each and I didn't know what others were charging.
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    AF 1 Arrival North Carolina Air National Guard, Charlotte, NC, Wednesday, October 21, 2020

    That is traffic related, and has been talked about in the news media for a few days now. Any sensitive information is being passed on encrypted channels.
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    Yes, because it is true trunk tracking. Whistler is not, but the upgrade cost is $60-70 per mode (NXDN, DMR, ect)
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    AF 1 Arrival North Carolina Air National Guard, Charlotte, NC, Wednesday, October 21, 2020

    VIPER Bravo 1 being used to clear and lock down motorcade route, AF1 landing now Viper Bravo 2 Airport command and Gaston units.
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    Problem Uploading a Picture into a Classified Ad

    Wow, never would have thought of that :oops:
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    AF 1 Arrival North Carolina Air National Guard, Charlotte, NC, Wednesday, October 21, 2020

    According to the public schedule, AF1 arrives at 6:20pm, departs at 6:30 and arrives 25 minutes later at Gastonia Airport. That sounds like a motorcade to me, especially with the wording (usually says arrives at landing zone if Marine 1). Look for traffic delays between 6:20 and 6:55 and again...