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    LNA-WIDE-O Pre-Amplifier Yes? No?

    I'm compelled to reply that for the little bit it costs, try it. I'm using a nooelec lana with my SDR radio. I live in the boonies. 1 strong FM broadcast station at 100 MHz. 1 very strong pager frequency on 152. The local NOAA weather at 162. The usual cell frequencies where they are, Pa-Starnet...
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    DSDPlus How to disable "Assuming FMPA FMPP is the source "

    Familiar users commonly refer new users to the attachment. As mentioned though what may (or may not) be right out front in the Fastlane sub. offer is: ' DSD+ can be used with external signal sources such as a properly discriminator-tapped receiver or SDR software such as SDR#. To use DSD+...
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    AC EMI Filter ?

    BOBRR. Good luck with chasing those old TV bugs. Considering that your cable box is a newer model it should have an HDMI output. 4:3 NTSC CRT TV's are just obsolete these days, as are any CRT displays. I know that the xyl may love her old TV (as much as her old man, I hope). But if you have a...
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    DSDPlus How to disable "Assuming FMPA FMPP is the source "

    Although I do have an RSP2 that's supported in Fastlane. It seems as if you're about as much of an expert as me. I jumped on Fastlane as soon as I got my IC-R8600. Sort of a hidden list of exactly what subscribing to Fastlane will and will not do is not "up front" and maybe it's an assumption...
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    AC EMI Filter ?

    Chasing RFI is a pain. Have you tried running your rig on a battery to see if things get better? You say the TV is in the kitchen so it's probably not that big. The power supply could have gone "dirty" over the years or other circuits in it. What would happen by distancing it from your equipment...
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    DSDPlus How to disable "Assuming FMPA FMPP is the source "

    If I could ask while this topic is active. With a passive digital monitor input only does having Fastlane offer any advantages at all? If yes, is simply launching DSDplus.exe from the containing folder (mines also as a shortcut on my desktop) sufficient? Or is there a .bat file that can be setup...
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    Ant. Tuner Question ?

    You're absolutely correct. I'm of the belief that whether balanced to balanced or unbalanced to unbalanced as long as there is provision to attach the driven elements to a good earth ground and using a good spark arrestor. Your rigs will be much better off. My terminology is a bit laxed but the...
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    Ant. Tuner Question ?

    Firstly what kind of radio are you using Bob? I still enjoy firing up the Collins and Hammarlund shack warmers once in awhile. I wouldn't be one but afraid of hooking up a longwire antenna directly to the terminals. It would take quite a zap of static to span the tube plates and do much harm...
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    Recommend USB Audio Device That INCLUDES DRIVERS?

    Just a long shot. I just remembered the trick that shows all devices you've had in the past. Perhaps deleting and checking the uninstall drivers for this device may help. It has worked for me in the past. You'll want to launch a command prompt with administrator privileges. Then paste this line...
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    Recommend USB Audio Device That INCLUDES DRIVERS?

    For a very good, cheap, and no-driver pnp USB interface that works very nice try a Behringer UCA202 or one of the UCA variants. I've had one for several years. PC, Mac, Linux. Every one of my friends who saw how easy they are to use had to have one for their first audio interface. That's about...
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    An interesting thing about SDR# and their gripe is that Zadig is needed (last I knew) to install drivers for your RTL based devices. And that is covered under GNU gpl. They (#) don't see it fit to provide a driver pack in their software for the numerous radio's out there. It's right here and I...
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    Cheapest/best kid scanner.

    Oh Hell!! Haha. If you have a kid old enough to be curious of scanners, you have a computer. And what goes better with computers and scanners than a decent RTL based SDR? Top that!! Put up a decent discone antenna with decent cable and the necessary adapters. Install SDR# with community plugins...
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    Receiver not scanner. If monitoring a control channel how would a person get it to jump over to a voice channel and then the next? Willing to learn. Especially since a few strong p25 xmitters popped up here recently. Possibly start a new thread on that one? Eh?
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    Well they sure got their panties in a bunch when SDRSharper came out. And peed a lot of people off who suddenly lost EXTIO functionality after...what? ver. 1361?? I'd suspect a little bit of money trading hands from the RTL based hardware vendors. And what of the tons of plugins for Sharp from...
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    R8600 Display problem

    I had this exact same thing happen when I plugged in one of the rear panel USB cables to my laptop. I ended up doing a front panel reset. It's in the manual. I sent mine to Icom in Mich. to have it looked at and it came back checked out and all-good. It's worth a try.
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    SDS100: Cold Solder Joint

    I just saw that on a Lenovo laptop keyboard ribbon connector the other day. A chunk of aluminum AC tape for a heat shield on the connector. A light flooding with flux, some wick. A cleaning and more flux. Press the pins against the board and a blob of good old Alpha 60/40 out and away from the...
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    Ferrites And Wal Warts; Placement Of ?

    My Tripp Lite USB cables have ferrites on both ends. Several wall wart switchers have them at the power plug end. For my radios that use them I put an extra one at the DC cable where it leave the wart. Not so sure about radiating back into AC line but one there probably wouldn't hurt.
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    Why Do My Discriminator Taps Always Stop Working Eventually?

    It's probably been mentioned but tantalum capacitors are very sensitive to reverse polarity. Any circuit with AC or negative reference DC riding on it needs a non polarized decoupling capacitor.
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    DSDPlus Help with sdr software

    Oh man I'm sorry. I for got your radio will plug right into your computer. Others that do use a cable experience a bit of switching supply hash and running the pc on it's battery is about the only way to reduce the noise without a good USB cable. In time you'll probably be interested in an LNA...