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    Uniden database update

    I've gone as long as a year or 2 without updating my 536. Currently it has been 3 months since I've updated the database for my SDS. Everything I monitor is in a favorites list and they don't change with database updates so I have no reason to have an up to date database.
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    HP-2: New to scanning and my new HP-2. Want to listen to South King Fire & Rescue, 153.9500.

    I don't see anything in Radio Reference for South King and I don't see anything in Radio Reference on 153.9500 in the state of Washington.
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    BCT15X Help

    Since we don't know what state you're in or anything else for that matter we can't be of much help. If your state is like a lot of states you won't be able to listen to much with either one of these scanners. A lot of states have gone digital and these scanners are not capable of receiving digital.
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    Understanding how to program Talkgroups in my Uniden BCD996T

    If you are having simulcast issues you can try a couple of things with the 996T. One is to use a LESS efficient antenna, even a paper clip, the idea is to reduce the number of sites in the simulcast system that you are receiving. You can also try attenuation, hold on the simulcast site, press...
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    More efficient use of frequencies. The simulcast system I monitor has 5 physical sites from what I can tell, I don't know what the minimum number of frequencies is per site but lets say each site has to have a control channel and a voice channel so 2 channels. 5 individual sites would therefore...
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    DMR Upgrade Unlock Key

    I've always gotten my keys directly from Uniden, they're cheaper than 3rd parties. When I have gotten my keys from Uniden the email arrives as soon as the credit card is processed, usually before I can log out of myuniden. Also you ordered on the weekend so you'll probably have to wait until...
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    Uniden BCT15X programming

    I assume when you say you want to listen to the Indiana state 800 system you mean the SAFE-T system, the BCT15X won't be able to receive that system, the system is digital and the radio doesn't receive digital.
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    Looking for frequencies:

    Most of what you want to listen to is on the Downriver Mutual Aid system and the database shows that it's simulcast. Everything else you want to listen to is on the MPSCS system. Go to the Radio Reference home page, click on Databases, click Michigan on the map and then click on Wayne County...
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    Looking for frequencies:

    The only thing you can do is buy a new scanner. As WTP mentioned the 15 doesn't do digital and there is no way to make it do digital. You need a scanner that can handle P25 phase 1. If you go used a BCD996T looks the same as the BCT15 but the 996 does P25 phase 1. I don't know if there are any...
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    SDS 200 vs. 536

    I sold my 536 to a friend but when I had both the 536 and the 200 I couldn't tell a difference on the Wayne County, Michigan simulcast site for MPSCS, they both did good. I don't know if this is because I only receive one tower at my location or if there is another reason the 536 didn't have...
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    Quick Question about MPSCS

    In some of the other counties i am familiar with central 911 dispatches everything; police, fire, sheriff, state police, EMS. I don't know if this applies to all counties.
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    Quick Question about MPSCS

    Just program the sites that are closest to your location. If you're going to be in St. Joseph County then I would program the Centerville site and the Leonidas site. I would also program in the St. Joseph County talkgroups on the statewide system (MPSCS), according to a note on the St. Joseph...
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    You might want to try scanning in ID Search mode first, if you aren't already. ID Search will receive any talkgroup available on the system, ID Scan will only receive the talkgroups you have programmed so if you don't have the right talkgroups programmed you won't hear them.
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    Xlt 125 frequency programming question

    I just googled LHR frequencies and all of the links show 118.500 and 118.700.
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    Western Wayne County on MPSCS reception issues

    I'm having no trouble with Wayne County Simulcast on their main control channel in the Joy Rd-Inkster Rd area.
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    Western Wayne County on MPSCS reception issues

    If you're monitoring the Wayne County Simulcast then I would suspect a simulcast issue, the site you were receiving maybe offline and now you're having simulcast issues. When I have trouble with Wayne County Simulcast I switch over to Northville, anything I want to listen to is on both sites and...
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    Lavonia frequencies

    You can't listen to Livonia police on any scanner, they are 100% encrypted and no scanner will decode them.
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    996 p 2

    Pasco County is almost all encrypted.
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    Genessee siren test

    I don't know about the rest of Wayne County, or the rest of the state for that matter, but in Livonia the sirens are tested on the first Saturday of the month at 1 PM, it has been that way for over 30 years now.
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    Detroit PD MIA

    I'm not familiar with the HP-1 but if it has a built-in attenuator you can try turning it on, that has helped with some of my simulcast issues.