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  1. F

    Can Not detect 536hp

    When you are in mass storage mode, look in Windows File Explorer and see if the SD card shows up as a removable drive. From your symptoms, you may be experiencing a corrupt SD card.
  2. W1KNE

    Wow decisions uggg....

    Enjoy your 536 scanner. You made the best choice of those three with it. I like the 996P2 as well, and have never heard much good about the Whistler scanners, so I don't own any. (I've had a couple of GRE PSR series that all blew). The two key things I will give you advice on as a long time...
  3. KK4JUG

    New scanner

    SD card corruption only occurs if you're recording when the scanner loses power. Otherwise, the scanner reads the card when the unit is turned on and writes to the card when it's turned off. If power is lost without turning the scanner off, it will simply use the same information as when it...
  4. kruser

    BCD436HP: bcd436hp help with error message

    No, leave Sentinel installed for now. Try plugging your 436 in with its USB cable and select Mass Storage Mode if it asks you. With that file missing, it may go straight into Mass Storage Mode. Look at the folder under whatever drive letter windows assigns your SD card after a few seconds. There...
  5. JoplinFossil

    BCD436HP: bcd436hp help with error message

    When I plug in the usb cable it comes up usb mass storage. That’s it. No buttons work, nothing. If I unplug the usb cable it lists a file but no locatio, trys to load then returns to error screen.
  6. U

    TRX-2: Software issues with TRX 2, Scanlist issue

    Not lately but always. I think it has something to do with Whistlers encryption of the programming files, that it has to decrypt and encrypt the program files on the fly that the scanner uses. I sometimes get write and read errors that are outside of the reserved memory area and similar types of...
  7. mule1075

    Bcd536hp lemon

    Corrupt SD card more than likely.
  8. pb_lonny

    SDS100 not recognized by PC (No USB or Serial prompt on connect).

    Sounds like a corrupt SD card, that would be the first thing I would be checking.
  9. O

    Power turn off causing issues?

    I have had my 536 and now SDS 200 in my vehicle powered by an ignition switched circuit. Knocking on all wood around, I have never had a corrupt card issue. Replay/Record are set to Off (usually), I use the best cards I can find and most importantly have several spares in my glove box. No...
  10. buddrousa

    Proscan Error

    Only if you are recording to the SD card or Writing to the SD card. Those are the only times I have seen a power loss corrupt the SD card.
  11. cellphone

    Bcd536hp lemon

    LOL. I think you have a starting point!
  12. Whiskey3JMC


    Basically it's Windows way of saying "Hey I detect an SD card but the data may be corrupt, do you want to fix it?". If you tell it no, are you able to read the SD card with Sentinel? If not, go ahead and let Windows "fix" the "corrupt" data
  13. Dragon911

    SDS100 not recognized by PC (No USB or Serial prompt on connect).

    Anyone tried putting a SDS200 card in a SDS100 (or a replica?) Like I said- I did try to re-seat the card and it seems to load favorites...
  14. W


    I still feel the issue is a corrupt Micro SD card Have you replaced your Micro SD card with a 4GB or 8GB Sandisk brand card?
  15. D


    Yes I have tried sandisk brand and still stuck on whistler logo. The SD card also work in another whistler scanner.
  16. W


    I agree sounds like a corrupt or not compatible micro sd card.....If the PROGRAMMED card works good in another trx-1...does that other trx-1 card work good in your scanner? If not try reinstalling the cpu firmware via the standalone installer on whistlers website.
  17. C


    :) Have you inspected the microSD card socket in the radio? Might be dirt or debris on one or more contacts? I have found Whistler Support advice on many prior issues very sound and on the mark. Give it a check with a good magnifying glass, lamp, and if contaminated use cleaner of a type for...
  18. N

    SDS100 Buyer Beware

    How about when you turn of the power to a uniden without shutting it off first and corrupt the SD card?
  19. C

    TRX-1: Talkgroup keeps going silent.........

    :) When something loads into memory, and is reading correctly to 'monitor' , I do not see it re-reading anything to monitor again. The SD card writes to the scanner, once loaded if corrupt, it is corrupted until corrected. So, once receiving from loading itself into its pre-operation, seems to...
  20. U

    TRX-2: Pros and Cons

    The TRX-2 have an excellent DMR decoder and tracks every call in smaller systems. The speaker audio are loud and clear. The audio recorder system are very versatile and flexible. You can import from cliboard and textfiles. There are many features that can be set to each frequency and TG. The...