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  1. marlin39a

    Bc355n scanner broadcast help

    No sir. That scanner only has a power input, an outlet for an external speaker, and the antenna connector.
  2. marlin39a

    Universal Radio closing November 30, 2020

    Someone will take up the slack. I loved Universal, but times change.
  3. marlin39a

    Gilbert(Chandler) Arizona USA : encrypted?

    Wow, a bc200xlt! I live up in Yavapai County, and mine still does the job. It won’t run off the battery pack, but still receives all my analog.
  4. marlin39a

    Return to Scanning

    Scanning in the Valley is expensive. I never go there, but the Uniden 100/200 is the way to go.
  5. marlin39a

    Wildland Fire near Crown King in Yavapai County

    Looks like an atomic bomb blast from here in Paulden. Thanks for the frequencies.
  6. marlin39a

    TRX-2: New Whistler TRX-2 for sale on Amazon

    20 left as of now.
  7. marlin39a

    Coconino County Sheriff frequencies.

    Thanks, John. I get all of Yavapai County, Flagstaff DPS, Williams PD, GCR railroad. I used to get CCS, but no more.
  8. marlin39a

    Coconino County Sheriff frequencies.

    Got them in and scanning. We’ll see.
  9. marlin39a

    Coconino County Sheriff frequencies.

    Don, what frequencies are you getting them on?
  10. marlin39a

    Coconino County Sheriff frequencies. I only do analog here. Here is a link to the trucked system. Just asking if anyone local can verify.
  11. marlin39a

    Coconino County Sheriff frequencies.

    I see them analog, VHF, on radioreference. But they are dead air.
  12. marlin39a

    Coconino County Sheriff frequencies.

    I can’t post the link, but a search on the web now comes up with a trucked system.
  13. marlin39a

    Coconino County Sheriff frequencies.

    I’ve programmed all the listed frequencies, and am receiving nothing. I’m using a BC895XLT, and it works fine. Has the CCSO gone to a new system?
  14. marlin39a

    Handheld monitoring

    I live near the BNSF Phoenix Sub. I walk the dog every morning with my BC125AT. Other than that, it’s off until the next morning.
  15. marlin39a

    Source for Cheap TRX-1

    I’m watching this thread. It will be interesting to see what you receive.
  16. marlin39a

    The ISS now has a cross band repeater

    I was watching a pass coming down the California coast at 0515 this day. When the ISS came by LA, at a distance of 550 miles from me, I started picking up activity on the downlink. Lasted until it went by San Diego. I have a good pass coming over my area in a couple of days. I’ll try hitting...
  17. marlin39a

    Apple Fire incident in Riverside county

    I know the fire is killing me in Yavapai County, Arizona. I’m surrounded by mountains, but can hardly see them. Sunrise and sunsets are cloudy, and red. California has to address this problem.
  18. marlin39a

    UP train on the BNSF Peavine Sub (Arizona)

    That’s it for sure. I didn’t follow other track warrants yesterday, but I’ll try today. There’s a lot more activity on the Sub.
  19. marlin39a

    UP train on the BNSF Peavine Sub (Arizona)

    Just heard a track warrant issued on the BNSF Sub to a UP train going westbound from Abra. Sure enough, a 3 engine UP train went by. Mixed freight, car train, tankers, lumber. First time I’ve seen another railroad operated on these tracks in 18 years I’ve been here. 161.370. Heading to...