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    Comparison of 11 different antennas on sds200 and bcd536hp

    Did you use a BNC angle adapter at the scanner and would that make part of the bottom of the antennas very close to the chassi and would that be a different amount of metal between 536 and 200 due to the different hight of the scanners? You should probably use different filter settings for the...
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    SDR# TETRA Demodulator Trunk Tracking Demonstration

    My Win7 received a couple of updates almost a week ago and for some reason I've been able to have TTT running day and night since then and it haven't crashed once. /Ubbe
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    Antenna Choice help

    Do you have only one scanner and what lenght of coax do you have? Get a used second hand scanner and put up an additional antenna and coax. Discone antennas work best at 100Mhz and then loose a lot of signal up in the 700-800MHz range. Your Anvil 1000 antenna are a chinese knockoff of a...
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    SDS200 poor audio on analog

    Noise seems to be way too high, probably from interference. Try different filter settings HP and inverse and IFX and see which one will get the noise down below 25. As you have -60dBm you could use the attenutaor setting as well to bring it down to -80dBm which also should give a good signal...
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    SDS100: Signal Strength Bars, RSSI and RSSI Graph

    The dummy load test wont give any useful results. If you open the squelch on an empty conventional channel you'll hear noise. At that point the noise value will be at maximum. As soon as you hear a faint signal the noise value drops and when a signal are so strong that you cannot hear any...
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    SDS200 Loss of resale value due to the SDS200 Humming Defect?

    It can't be done in any other way. As soon as you discover a problem you report it. If you get a product and after the first day report that it is working perfect and are problem free, the next week, or month, you use a function or option or are at a different location or using a different...
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    DMR TIII Network 13

    I think you have set the DSDPlus.networks file incorrectly. Set the area lenght to 2 and the site numbering will display correctly. ; DSD+ networks file ; ; you can edit this file while DSD+ is running ; ; line format: protocol, networkID, "network name"[, TIIIareaLength] TIII, 13, "This is Net...
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    Realistic Pro-2021 external antenna

    Isn't the 2021 one of the worst scanners when it comes to overload and de-sense issues? I would guess that you get too much signal from your excellent antenna that would de-sense the scanner. Try to use the attenuator function to verify that and then you could probably solve that problem by...
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    BCD536HP: Powered speaker

    I looked at the back of it and it says 20 ohm. This came from a taxi cab that had the speaker just behind his head. I assume the high impedance make it less effective and the volume control on a 2-way radio are in a better range with a speaker one foot from your ear. It will automaticly reduce...
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    sds200 signal bars come and go every couple seconds

    The hold time are used when the scanner loads a site and then waits there for anyone to start using the site during the hold time period. When it times out it goes to the next site in the system and starts a new hold time. Personally I would use 2 sec hold time and instead use a longer delay on...
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    Yet another coax question

    Try to do a search for "common mode choke" in the forums. When you have coax going from one end of your room to the other, and your room are probably filled with a lot of different electronic devices that emit RF interference, that coax shield works as a wire antenna and picks up all the...
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    TRX-1 does not tune AAR001

    It's probably a mistake in the firmware and no one has actually reported it to Whistler. VHF are one of the weak spots in TRX scanners so probably very few use that frequency band and even fewer use the RR preprogrammed search function. /Ubbe
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    BCD536HP: LCN Finder count

    Uniden made a huge mistake in the user interface of the LCN finder. If you back out of it using the most polite and logical way, you're gonna loose all the findings without any warning and there's no way to get it back. You have to start over again. You have to select a more unlogical way to...
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    SDS200 Screen Flicker

    That's related to the price of the product. If you pay $700 (and +$850 with all the decoding options) for the most expensive scanner ever sold you expect to get quality and even little things will sting in your eye that probably haven't even been mentioned if it was sold for $499. /Ubbe
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    TYT UV-MD380

    You'll need to load a firmware file, not a codeplug, when it flashes red/green. You get firmware files from the TYT website. /Ubbe
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    sds200 signal bars come and go every couple seconds

    Most of the functionality are aimed at mobile use, when you drive and the coverage from one site comes and goes and the scanner needs to switch to another site to be able to get the reply in a conversation. The same goes for the GPS check that needs to be done, but not as often as now. Maybe...
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    SDS200 SDS-200 Headphone Out to Aux In issues

    The SDS200 are probably done the same way as a BCD536HP and it has the earphone jacks left and right signals, the tip and middle ring, connected together and the sleeve are floating and are not connected to the scanners ground. It's probably taking its signal from the loudspeaker jack thru some...
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    Yet another coax question

    It's only 20 feet of that coax and that's 1.1dB loss at 750MHz and 1.2dB at 865MHz which is almost nothing. You also write that you have a LNA at the antenna so coax loss are non important for you as the LNA increase the signal way more than the coax loss. The difference between a 50 ohm and a...
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    SDS 100 scan speed

    Upman stated that the scanrate of a SDS scanner will slow down considerably if it needs to switch frequency band often, something like 20ch/s. So try and group frequencies together in the same band by creating favorite lists as much as possible. It's the frequency jumps and number of digital...
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    DMR TIII Network 13

    It will tell you the LCN in the activity window whenever a voice call are set up. Use 419.975 as the base and multiply the LCN, odd numbers rounded up to nearest even number, with 0.00625Mhz and add the base to get the frequency. You can look in the event file in the DSD folder for the LCN's if...