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  1. fxdscon

    Is Whistler still in business?

    Have you directly contacted Whistler through their representative here on the forums? Click on this link, and hit the "Start Conversation" button (they have asked to be contacted in this way). .
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    SDS200 & GPS

    As previously posted, the display will verify that the GPS is seeing satellites by clearly displaying the current co-ordinates.
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    Sentinel software

    The Uniden FTP site is where Sentinel is getting the updates from, some history here:
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    Audio archive, access denied

    I'm seeing the problem as well.... I am a Premium Subscriber and logged in here and at Broadcastify. The archives on the 20/21st won't play, and trying to download those archives results in the XML error page. This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it...
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    BCD536HP: Uniden BCD536HP: Power Cycling??

    What did you use to reformat the card?
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    SDS200 & GPS

    . The "GPS" by itself on the screen does not indicate it's getting satellite data, just that it's physically connected to the scanner, that's all. If you have your screen display properly setup to display all GPS data... a second label will appear in the data area in addition to the first...
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    SDS200 & GPS

    Set the screen display to show the GPS info... like in this post (it will show the location co-ordinates when you have a satellite lock):
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    FCC ID AMWUB376???

    Updates to the 2013 approval:
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    BCDx36HP: FCC ID AMWUB376 - Uniden Files for Modification

    If components used in the original build are no longer available, they have to be replaced with newer components that are currently available to continue manufacturing the units.
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    BCDx36HP: FCC ID AMWUB376 - Uniden Files for Modification

    This document at the linked site does indeed state the changes... End Of Life assembly components being replaced with newer ones, a very common filing. .
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    Sentinel question

    If you are speaking of the RTC repair campaign that was in place for the BCDx36HP models... No, there was never a similar campaign issued for the Home Patrol units, and there have only been very scattered reports of those actual RTC problems with the Home Patrol units. There were firmware...
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    Sentinel question

    How old is your HP2? Is this a new issue or has it been happening all along? It may be that the RTC battery is dying. There have been scattered reports of problems with the RTC itself in the Home Patrol 2 scanners, but try this: Before you update.... Set the clock correctly in the scanner...
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    uniden sds200 DMR help

    There is nothing that the end user can do in the normal operation of the scanner that would delete the upgrade keys from the scanner... including a complete reset, or replacement of the SD card.
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    New SDS200 showed up today....

    260 in the ESN is replaced by the Z for the SN.
  15. fxdscon

    New SDS200 showed up today....

    . 375260080009 is his ESN from the scanner's menu... 375Z080009 would be his SN on the rear label. The number after the Z is the date code, in this case the "0" = 2020 as werinshades mentioned above.
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    whistler 1040

    There is a user guide for PSREdit500 here:
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    GRE 500 Nothing Enabled
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    Saving scanner config to file sds200

    Only 3 export functions, single favorites list at a time, display setup, and locations to a google earth map. You can find where your profiles are stored by looking at the Sentinel folder on your computer. Look at your Sentinel menu for their location: tools... options... Sentinel folder.
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    Saving scanner config to file sds200

    For a complete backup of everything, just copy all of the files on the SD card to another card, or to a folder on your PC.
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    SDS-200 LAN connection options

    Yes, using Proscan software you can monitor and control your scanner from your smart phone or any other web browser anywhere there is internet or wi-fi. With the Lan connection, data and audio can be sent to the computer over the one connection, rather than needing a USB connection and a...