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    Interferance between two Digital channels on different Time Slots

    Motorola radios will require you to specify a talkgroup "TX Contact" in order for the radio to work. It's also the only contact the radio listens for--it's not like it goes into carrier squelch. OP: I've heard of radios slipping timeslots if there's another repeater on frequency. Can you...
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    Another antenna question

    I'd give the Stico a shot before you go to the effort of running a new mount. $42 or so from Talley, depending on your discount.
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    I'm not a Tait guy, but I'm assuming all the networking is good? Failsoft usually means no communications back to the controller.
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    Another antenna question

    Have you tried the Stico flexi-whip 1/4 wave? It's cured a few similar situations. Or have they torn out the base/chrome nut?
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    Multi-agency/system programming best practices

    I push it on everyone I meet, even the guy with 20 6000s for a little department. It's lifechanging IMO for managing more than ten or so radios.
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    MOTOTRBO Ion Smart Radio

    Lower is better in sensitivity...
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    Multi-agency/system programming best practices

    Deploy and use RM to keep track of radios and changes. Worth the effort.
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    12VDC Power Distribution Terminal Blocks, ETC?

    I second the BSS stuff. I have no qualms putting it into the emergency vehicles I build. Screw terminals mean you don't have to worry about spades pulling off in case someone goes digging into wires.
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    XPR-4550 AAM27TRH9LA1AN Codeplug?

    Check your email
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    NX-5000 Series, Q&A, Info, and details

    Haha. Kenwood respond to input? That's pretty funny.
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    Chp moving away from low band?

    Some of the chargers have a "low profile" antenna on the right rear quarter panel that looks like an OE-style antenna. It's not that noticeable unless you're looking for it, one of the head honchos out of the Santa Maria office runs a dark blue unmarked Charger. Once you see it, you'll...
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    Future of Kenwood's NX series?

    It's a shame. Their products have a lot of potential and flexibility, but there's also a lot of shortcomings as well. I may not love Motorola, but at least I know when I place an order I'll have the radios in less than a week.
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    What is "emergency communications"?

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned (or I haven't seen) is the emergence of lids every time there is something "urgent" happening on the airwaves. Nearly every event, whether it's a race or an animal rescue, draws out random guy who either pretends to be involved and gives out bad info, or...
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    Future of Kenwood's NX series?

    NX-5000s are backordered right now, not sure if it's related to COVID, the factory, or any other excuse JVCK has.
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    Setcom Headset cable

    Call or email Setcom directly. They are great to work with.
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    XPR5550e Firmware Update Trouble Error #110183

    Sounds like you're on 2.09 since you don't have SUM. Keep it there. No reason to go further.
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    Hooking CM300 to house siren

    I've had some CMs and CDMs have GPIO pins stop functioning. Reassigning the GPIO function to a different port and moving the pin on the connector to match was only way to fix it.
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    1/4 wave vhf mobile opinions?

    Yet, you haven't suggested any particular manufacturer or part number in this thread. Hmmm...
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    New Firmware release information

    Kenwood never tells us.
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    New Firmware release information

    New years present from KW: 4.32 for NX-5000 3.32 for NX-3000