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  1. tdeater

    CDM "Radio Disabled"

    It's a long shot, but I recall from many many years ago, if the CDM radio had a passport card installed in it and it was not on a system or miss-configured, it would show as disabled. If you can read the radio with the software and look at the channels, make sure that use option card is not...
  2. tdeater

    looking to program a CDM1550 VHF to alert on Noaa weather with local county alert code

    You can set up the QCII (Quick Call 2) signalling to alert to the 1050hz tone that NWS sends out. You set both tones to 1050. The other trick is setting the squelch from OR to AND. I don't recall from memory exactly where that setting is. I used to have that setup on my 1550 and had it in...
  3. tdeater

    XTS 2500 Multiple Scan Lists

    You have to set the scan list in the trunking or conventional personality window in the software. The end radio user can not select a scan list from the radio itself unfortunately. (That would that be a nice feature!) Depending on the radio and programming though, the end user can edit the...
  4. tdeater

    Can we talk SWR meters for VHF?

    The basic SWR meters for VHF work the same as they do on CB. The simplest meters will have a set knob, you have it in the set mode, key up and adjust that knob to wherever indicated on the meter (like a spot marked set, or something like that) If it is not marked, then full scale on the SWR...
  5. tdeater

    “who broadcasts from where” on MPSCS

    There really is no guarantee as to who you hear on what towers on the MPSCS system. What is broadcast on each tower is decided by what radios are registered to what tower, and what talkgroups they are on. They are not pre-assigned to specific towers. So, for example, up in Traverse City you...
  6. tdeater

    CP200D factory reset

    The Mag One's are a different critter. You have to do that button combo to get it into programming mode. I do not know of the CPS for the CP200's comes with blank codeplugs, you might look around the directory where it is installed in your computer and see if there is a factory sample one for...
  7. tdeater

    Grounding Coax Shield

    Yes, a polyphaser that is connected to ground will ground the shield of your coax but not the center conductor. As for bleeding off static and such, it would bleed it from the shield itself, but not the center conductor.
  8. tdeater

    No battery indicator on XTS2500

    It does have to be a battery designed for a XTS2500. The battery part# you posted is for the HT series radios. While they do work well on the XTS2500's, you will not get a battery gauge on the radio. I used to run the same configuration myself.
  9. tdeater

    HT1250ls+ Only 34 Channels?.

    The LS+ radios only held 16 or 34 conventional channels depending on model. The radio was intended to be used for LTR trunking or Passport trunking, so they did not have a lot of conventional available. I have read rumors that there were models that supported more channels, but have never...
  10. tdeater

    2 Tone for G5 on Harris P25 Phase II System

    Here's my theory as to what is going on. I suspect your pager is programmed to page on talk group activity, not 2 tones. So, even if dispatch is sending the 2 tones on that talk group, your pager is going to alert anyhow due to the channel activity. Once they patch the regular radio traffic...
  11. tdeater


    Once upon a time I had a fleet of CT450's. They were alright basic analog radios, but over time developed a battery contact problem. We always used Motorola batteries, it seems that the clip that secured the battery would get sloppy over time. Towards the end just before we switched over to...
  12. tdeater

    Replacement 2.5mm jack for Baofeng UV-82

    You might try this site: 409shop,walkie-talkie,Handheld Transceiver Radio I did not find jacks for a UV-82 specifically, but did find them for some other similar radios. They may have one that will work, but you would probably have to contact them and ask. I had one with a bad volume pot, I...
  13. tdeater

    CP200D working with CP200

    You will need to program the 200D's with an analog channel to talk to the regular cp200's. What I am not sure is if all CP200D's can do analog or not. The wording on Motorola's site is kinda vague. If the channel on the D is referencing anything like timeslot or color code, it is a digital...
  14. tdeater

    Where to get help mapping Motorola programming fields to CHIRP?

    Announcement Personality Type Personality RX Freq RX Squelch Type RX PL Freq RX PL Code RX DPL Code RX DPL Inv TX Freq TX Sqlch Type TX PL Freq n/a CNV 4 154.02500 PL 131.8 3B n/a n/a 159.14250 PL 131.8 n/a CNV 4 154.14500 PL 110.9 2Z n/a n/a 154.14500 PL 110.9 n/a CNV 4 154.16000 PL 100.0 1Z...
  15. tdeater

    Where to get help mapping Motorola programming fields to CHIRP?

    From your motorola list, you are looking for this info: Alias, or channel name TX Frequency TX Tone System (PL or DCS) TX Tone or DCS RX Frequency RX Tone System (PL or DCS) RX Tone or DCS There will be some translations from the commercial world to the ham terminology world. Hopefully I can...
  16. tdeater

    cdm 1250 vhf remote head

    When I had remote head CDM's in the field, I had built myself a rear connector programming cable. I never ran into issues doing programming from the remote head, but heard enough problem stories from doing it, I just did it from the rear. The trick was to get an actual 20 pin connector instead...
  17. tdeater

    How to program MDC-1200 on a Motorola Radio

    It's been quite a few years since I have touched one of those, but the basics you need to do are: 1 - in the signalling section of the navigation tree in the software, you need to create a MDC signalling system if one does not already exist. 2 - assign yourself a radio ID, even if you are not...
  18. tdeater

    Digital radios

    If it has a display on it, look for a key icon on the screen along the top. It may be a clue. Programming wise, it's hard to say without knowing if they are on some sort of system and what it is. At my office, we are on a connect plus system. We had setup encryption on one of our channels (or...
  19. tdeater

    Multiple Scanners on a single speaker?

    NCS is still around: Mobile Dispatch Consoles I have a uniden scanner connected to mine, as well as a Yaesu ham radio and 2 motorola radios. If you contact them, they occasionally have older model used ones available. For receive only, there are a lot cheaper ways to do it though.
  20. tdeater

    XTL and XTS series radio, question

    Well, interesting.... I am in an environment with just the 1 system, So it should not affect my fleet... Until M decides to implement some other "feature" forcing our purchase... Thanks for the info!