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  1. rgchristy

    Help me help you

    I don't know if this falls under the 1. I don't understand what I'm doing 2. I'm not doing it correctly or 3. New feature request, but here goes. For example, your state has a new system in the implementation phase. Every few weeks or so, new talkgroups and/or sites are added to the system. I...
  2. rgchristy

    Help me help you

    And the charging indicator on the SDS100. Same problem. You can dim the display, but not the charging indicator.
  3. rgchristy

    What a deal!

    SECTION 3 - ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, AND TIMELINESS OF INFORMATION We Are Not Responsible If Information Made Available On This Site Is Not Accurate, Complete Or Current. The Material On This Site Is Provided For General Information Only And Should Not Be Relied Upon Or Used As The Sole Basis...
  4. rgchristy

    Scanner causes . . . gratitude

    I believe that I can speak for other former and current first responders on this forum, in that we chose this profession, either paid or volunteer because we felt the need or "calling" and had the ability to help others. It is not for everyone. You have to be the calm in the surrounding chaos...
  5. rgchristy

    SDS100 Case, Leather and, Sound

    Could you please post a photo of the rear of the case? Thanks.
  6. rgchristy

    Thinking of Paul

    I don't believe that you missed the mark, it's just that today we are here to memorialize Paul. We all realize that no man is an island, but Paul was a continent. Paul was the genius and impetus behind not just the SDS series, but countless other Uniden scanners and radios. Hope all of you are...
  7. rgchristy

    Radioddity GD-77 Promiscuous Mode?

    You need to go to here and here: to see what these radios can really do. You'll be impressed.
  8. rgchristy

    DELCO Fireboard Realignment of Channels

    13 Morton-Rutledge 46 Rocky Run
  9. rgchristy

    DELCO Fireboard Realignment of Channels

    If you haven't listened in a while, fire channels 7 and 8 have been split apart. Channel 7 used to be primary for districts 2 (City of Chester, 3 (Ridley Twp.) and 12 (Ridley Park, Prospect Park, Eddystone and Tinicum) Channel 8 was the secondary channel for the same districts. Now channel 7...
  10. rgchristy

    BCD436HP Battery Life

    I have 3 packs of Amazon AA rechargeable batteries, just like Bugkiller above. I use a Maha C9000 charger and rotate as necessary. I do get much better than 4 hours on each pack. I would go with KK4JUG's suggestion about the Maha C9000 pro. Also, if you use it in the car, keep a spare charging...
  11. rgchristy

    Function knob

    I would check with Jon at He has them for the SDS100 and the BCD436HP, so it may be possible or in the works. I did not see anything on the uniden website or ebay. Here's a link that you might want to look at to see if it's applicable...
  12. rgchristy


    Thank you JT. I tried it out and it does just what I need it to do. You have a new customer Bob. I just bought it.
  13. rgchristy

    PA Statewide P25 Phase 2 System

    Thanks. I didn't realize that talkgroups existed elsewhere other than the database. I'll look there first next time.
  14. rgchristy

    PA Statewide P25 Phase 2 System

    I'm picking up traffic on TGID 11570 from the Devault 800 site and the Newtown Square 800 site. I couldn't find it in the database. "on the on-ramp to I476 southbound" "we're getting off at the Norristown exit" "side-by-side" "Montgomery" Earlier they were talking about going around the wrecker
  15. rgchristy


    Also in EZ-Scan, if you right click on a name column it gives you the option to capitalize one or all names. You can also left, center or right justify the names in the column.
  16. rgchristy


    Thanks for the info. I'll take a look at ARC536. The reason that I could use update, is that after I append a system, I capitalize all names so that it easier for me to see. I'm really not trying to have to do it each time that I need to update the system. I tried copying a department from the...
  17. rgchristy


    I did. So what you're saying is that there is no "update" function that will just update your existing system? That's a lot of extra work.
  18. rgchristy


    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have the PA-STARNet P25 system in a favorites list. Since the system is new and constantly expanding, I need to periodically add new departments, sites, etc. When I go to the database and try to append a department to the existing system, it creates a new...
  19. rgchristy

    Anytone Anytone 878UV plus Band Error Problem

    I'm getting page not found, too.
  20. rgchristy

    Scanner Antenna Analyzer Suggestions

    I've narrowed it down to the Nanovna-H, -F or the V2. If I've read it correctly, the V2 has the most scanning points, but I like the idea of the 4.3" screen, because I would have difficulty reading the 2.8". Like Rich I don't need to go above 960 MHz. I don't need to go below 108 MHz. I've read...