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  1. ve3tej

    452.2125 Bearcom DMR London

    Bearcom has a new site in London using 452.2125 DMR CC 11 current network S6 current site S6-1.3
  2. ve3tej

    Weather Radio Canada on the way out

    Same message here on the London tower too.
  3. ve3tej

    Oxford County Fire

    My belief is that the OPs1 they can go through the repeater or go simplex
  4. ve3tej

    MNRF Zones

    I believe the Romeo numbers are their badge numbers.
  5. ve3tej

    RCMP Site 44 & 45

    Site 43 is Woodstock Neighbours 1,2,5,8,28
  6. ve3tej

    RCMP Site 44 & 45

    In London I can hear the control channel on 45 but not 44
  7. ve3tej

    GEXR hotbox frequency found

    wait a month and it will change to 161.415
  8. ve3tej

    VIA detectors around Ottawa?

    Chatham to Windsor is not CN tracks, that would be the VIA line
  9. ve3tej

    fleet connect

    I have not monitored any of those talk groups in London and I run trunk88 all the time
  10. ve3tej

    DMR in Strathroy

    Fire is still analog
  11. ve3tej

    Oxford County Fire - MotoTRBO?

    154.100 is still being used quite a bit today
  12. ve3tej

    London,Ontario - Fire Department Radio ID's

    I have been working on a new list but have not been home on a Sunday morning in a while to listen to all the radio checks. When they went from Edacs to P25 they added a 1 to all the radio id's 14431 does not exist at the present time 14407 Engine 7 14445 Car 1 14446 Car 2 14447 Service 1...
  13. ve3tej

    aylmer police

    142.500 is now a digital signal for sure
  14. ve3tej

    Ontario Weather Channels

    162.475 in London is working loud and clear
  15. ve3tej

    Can i get OPP in or around hamilton

    In Hamilton area you can listen to the beat repeater on 413.5375
  16. ve3tej

    Frequency in the london area

    I have been listening for several days now and have not heard anything on 857.3875. My best guess was you were listening to 857.2875
  17. ve3tej

    Voyageur Transportation - London

    SDR dongle range any where from $3 to $30 software is free
  18. ve3tej


    147.510 is located in London and transmits to a receiver near Oil Springs on 146.52
  19. ve3tej

    Unidentified talkgroups on BMR Fleetnet Zone 1 (Southwest)

    Logged a new talk group yesterday off the London tower 33072 radio 827 was affilated to this talk group
  20. ve3tej

    Ingersoll Fire

    I have heard TAC 1 mentioned before but then heard some activity still on dispatch. I wonder if it is the same frequency but just simplex