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    Funny/Odd things heard on the scanner

    Her neighbor needs a binary hex converter, so he/she can convert the hex to decimal and get rid of the curse.
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    Funny/Odd things heard on the scanner

    Police dispatcher: "The suspect broke into the truck with a German Shepherd." What, did he swing it by the tail and smash out the window?
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    NMO mount through CFRP?

    I have no experience with CFRP, but try to find out how thick the material is. You may need an NMO mount made for thicker material than sheet-metal, ie. a Larsen NMO-THK, especially if you're going to add additional material for use as a ground plane, which you'll have to do if you're going to...
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    XPR 7550e display question

    How is the quality of those replacement housings?
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    What IS Proper Radiotelephone Practice?

    Sometimes the "cute" phonetics can be beneficial. While working a field day using the club callsign, I was attempting to give the other (American) station the callsign, Victor Echo Seven Bravo Alpha Romeo. He got the VE7, but couldn't get the BAR. After a couple of repeats, I finally said Victor...
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    Funny/Odd things heard on the scanner

    Highways Dept snow plows: Driver: (sounding frustrated) "I'm heading back to the yard. This frigging truck keeps going into neutral every second, and I'm about to light it on fire." A couple minutes later, another driver complained about his truck. Third driver: "Put them together and light...
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    Bellingham Port Police

    Thanks Wilrobnson! Btw, I did try monitoring the trunk that Whiskey3JMC suggested, but didn't hear anything.
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    Antenna for new F150 aluminum body

    Anything you want, except a mag mount.
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    Base antenna for 700-800 MHz P25 trunking systems

    I got a free 800 MHz mobile antenna (5/8 over 1/4 wave) with an NMO base when somebody changed systems. I found a round piece of thin, flat steel in the scrap bin that was around 6" in diameter. Drilled a 3/4" hole in the middle, and installed an NMO mount. Screwed the plate to a piece of...
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    Funny/Odd things heard on the scanner

    Snow day today. Police channel Dispatch: Dark-colored sedan was goofing off in the parking lot, and rolled over. Officer: D'OH! Hwys channel Plow truck: I think my dog weighs more than this plow.
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    Bellingham Port Police

    I have not. Hopefully I'll be able to hear 800MHz from my location; will have to give it a try. Bellingham PD is still UHF though. Also, 453.8750 is still licensed to the port.
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    Bellingham Port Police

    The RR page says they're on 453.8750, tone 123.0. I'm hearing snow removal crews at the airport with that tone. Does anyone have newer info for the Port Police?
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    Funny/Odd things heard on the scanner

    Fire dept: Dispatch: The information is in the call. Truck: Oh that's interesting, I don't usually read that sh__.
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    Berlin man caught directing flight traffic with radio

    Berlin man caught directing flight traffic with radio by The Associated Press Posted Jan 29, 2021 6:58 am PST Last Updated Jan 29, 2021 at 7:02 am PST BERLIN — A man has been arrested in Berlin on allegations he made radio contact with air traffic, including police helicopters, and gave...
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    Moose Jaw CP Rail

    Just put all of the AAR frequencies into your radio and hit scan. You should be able to figure out which are the yard comms. Unless the yard is using an NXDN trunk, but then you'd hear the digital noise on some of the channels you're scanning.
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    Mobile 220 options?

    Sorry, I re-read the original post that I made when I first bought the radio. It's only 15w, zone 2 had the pre-programmed repeaters, and zone 3 had the pre-programmed simplex frequencies. So I copied and pasted what I needed from zones 2 and 3 into zone 1, then renamed the channels. The radio...
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    Mobile 220 options?

    I've had it since November 2017, and as I mentioned, it works really well.
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    Mobile 220 options?

    I bought a brand new Kenwood TK-785 commercial mobile from a Canadian dealer, amateurized with TK-780 firmware and some other things in it. It's a 25w radio and it works really well. You just have to calculate the offset when programming it, due to the VHF firmware. However, it comes with pretty...
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    Funny/Odd things heard on the scanner

    Hwys Dept: First truck: (says something, somewhat poor signal) Dispatch: You're a little broken, but I think I got the gist of it. Second truck: You may be broken, but with a little counselling, you'll be fine.
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    Kenwood: Kenwood TS830 as first radio

    Also, note that this radio does not have general coverage, just ham bands (although it does have the WARC bands). So no SWL if that's your intended use.