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  1. dispatch235

    Cobra 135 XLR sideband issues

    I had both the 135 and 135xlr back in the day... the 23 channel 135 the best I remember was a fairly stable radio, however the xlr 40 channel version had lots of problems with stability on ssb. They were fairly notorious for problems... One of the local dealers had mine in the shop and ran it...
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    BCD996P2: Is the 996 real good

    Spot on @JoeBearcat on the BCT15X. If you are just going to use for airband/milair it is widely used for that and analog, and half the price of the BCD996P2. I have a BCT15 just for analog scanning.
  3. dispatch235

    Missouri 10 codes

    OK, I'm not sure why that came out looking like that, I tried to paste the link but something went haywire, but you can still read it at least
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    Missouri 10 codes

    OK, FIRST thing... there are NO officially endorsed 10-codes, etc for use with MOSWIN....when you take a class on using their network in fact they strongly discourage the use because there are so many variations: and encourage plain language..BUT a lot of variations of the MO Standard 10-codes...
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    Missouri 10 codes

    10-97 Record Information 10-97J1 Arrest record verified by fingerprints 10-97J2 Record indicates subject could be armed and dangerous 10-97J3 Record indicates subject has been known to assault officers Nothing listed from any of my sources on 10-97J5.... that may be something regional to your area
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    System and Group Scroll

    I have the BCT15 and you press hold, the press and keep the scroll knob pressed a few seconds then it will stay in the function mode until you are done then press the scroll know again
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    Diamond X50C2... it's the commercial version of the X50 and works well for both bands.
  8. dispatch235

    New Dual-Band Antenna Options

    Diamond has a commercial version of the X50...
  9. dispatch235

    MODOT and Highway Dept. around Poplar Bluff mo.

    I heard quite a bit of traffic on their conventional channels, I believe 151.130 was the one most traffic was on. The only time Ive heard them use MOSWIN is to communicate with Highway patrol when they call for the MODot crash response team.
  10. dispatch235

    Sentinel programming QK's (536)

    There are several videos on YouTube that explain Quick Keys and Number Keys... just go to youtube and search for uniden bcd536hp quick keys or uniden bcd536hp number keys. Sometimes seeing the procedure done on the actual radio helps.
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    Homepatrol - II charge LED flashing red

    I have both the HP1, and 2 and have never gotten that kind of play time out of any kind of battery, alkaline or rechargeable...a fresh set of Eneloops fresh out of the external charger get maybe 8 hours with the auto-dim turned on and the display set low...
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    Attaching Portable Antenna to Base Model?

    I use the Diamond RH77CA (bnc connection) with a right angle bnc adapter on my 996XT and is pretty good reception on for vhf hi and vhf p25. For 800 mhz I use the old Radio Shack version of the Remtronix REM 800B, which is pretty much the best portable 800mhz antenna made. Depends on which band...
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    ws1065 stopped scanning MOSWIN?

    Being only 8 pin I've heard they are fairly easy to replace, I've gotten mine disassembled to the point of removing the metal shield over the EEprom but haven't had time to get it removed... I had ordered a couple replacements from Mouser Electronics, they aren't direct replacements, the...
  14. dispatch235

    ws1065 stopped scanning MOSWIN?

    I have the older Radio Shack version Pro 197 and a couple other local people have the Whistler 1065....My 197 was the first radio to have the problem you are starting to experience, and progressively got worse over the past couple years to the point it will no longer hold any programming. After...
  15. dispatch235

    ws1065 stopped scanning MOSWIN?

    Yes my Pro-197 would lose some programming when the power surges...
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    ProScan: Proscan not recording with line-in (Windows 10)

    Wow sounds like we have the same computers... mine is a Dell all in one also with the single audio jack with the Maxx Audio.
  17. dispatch235

    ProScan: Proscan not recording with line-in (Windows 10)

    I started having the same problem since last weekend when I last used ProScan for recording... but there was at least one windows update that installed this week that I'm thinking may have messed up a setting that I haven't figured out yet.
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    2020 MOSWIN Sites/Talkgroups

    Laclede Co. has apparently added at least one new TG.. have copied traffic briefly on 5218 that sounds like Fire Traffic, but not enough to confirm just yet.. Anyone in that area know of any updates?
  19. dispatch235

    996xt ID Alias

    Eureka!!! Apparently I was missing the first digit of the UID #, so now after doing it correctly as was instructing the UID Alias does INDEED work on my 996XT! I honestly really never knew this existed on this model...
  20. dispatch235

    996xt ID Alias

    Yep, did that also... it still just shows the uid number, but not the alias