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    St. Paul, MN, City Radio System, 1951

    Regarding: Question is, could the troopers on the fringe of their district actually then talk back to the dispatcher with their "limited" 100 watt Motracs and ball mount whip antennas? All the dispatch centers monitored 42.66 from all the towers (30+). So for instance, the Rochester...
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    St. Paul, MN, City Radio System, 1951

    At the core radio sites, usually near district offices, the 1950's era Patrol system used 10,000 Watt Motorola FMTR (Research Line) series base stations. The FCC allowed state police agencies to use that power. The big reason was a large required coverage area verses budgets and the vehicular...
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    St. Paul, MN, City Radio System, 1951

    I began fixing two way radios in Minnesota in 1959. At that time, the state was checkerboarded between low band and VHF. Wisconsin was all low band except in the far south. Many agencies had WWII surplus non tactical radios--Motorola Turkey Roasters and GE 7thMOs (Also called turkey roasters)...
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    Power Line Noise?

    There is a world wide study of man made noise up into the VHF band. Besides the electrical system interference described above, look at your own computers, in-line power supplies, and outlet power modules (wall warts). You may be generating your own troubles. I have measured 25 db interference...
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    Low Band Repeater

    Ahh Low band. Cut my teeth on it in the 50's and 60's. On a good day you can talk forever. 100 watts+100 feet = 100 miles! Other days you can't talk at all! In the summer you are entertained by the shrimp boats in the Caribbean even more fun if you know Spanish. On bad noise days, you cannot...
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    GE Phoenix odd-ball CG tone.

    The CTCSS tones are from an EIA standard from the late 1940's. Each was 3.5% apart to compensate for the old reed and solid state filter designs. The top tone was 192.8. Due to the roll-off filtering in the radio, tones above that would leak trough. The mess started when filtering became better...