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  1. tunnelmot

    Metallic silver paint over Larsen lo-pro???

    Here's the facts: Wifes' car. GMRS. Larsen blade NMO antenna. New install. Here's the question: Can I/Should I paint the radiating blade? Has anyone tried it? Paint color is a metallic. If I paint with the metallic paint am I just encasing the low-pro blade...
  2. tunnelmot

    2021 Silverado AnyTone AT-D578UV Console

    VERY NICE!!!! THIS is what these forums are about. I'm still rollin the 2018, but this is solid info and thanks for sharing your dimentions/drawings.
  3. tunnelmot

    The NEXT dumb question....Please select a profile

    Damn. That was over quick. The Unications were originally intended as authorized system receivers. They require a bit more programming than a consumer scanner, but slightly less than an authorized system PTT subscriber. The ultimate balance if you ask me. Nothing less than flawless rx on my...
  4. tunnelmot

    Klein Blu RSM!!! Works well on G series!

    I would give it a shot. Keep the packaging and such and see if it pairs well and is up to your liking. I'm sure Klein would accept your return. Better yet, contact Klein and share their response with the rest of the class for others also curious. At this point I have no intention of returning...
  5. tunnelmot

    Klein Blu RSM!!! Works well on G series!

    My apologies. I am running the Klein Blu RSM with FIRMWARE V1.30
  6. tunnelmot

    Klein Blu RSM!!! Works well on G series!

    I honestly don't know. I did notice that after trying to pair the RSM with my Android ( for Zello/etc) and succesfully pairing it with the G4, when I pressed the PTT, my phone triple beeped with a tone I've never heard before. I agree that dual pairing would be cool, but IDK if it's possible or...
  7. tunnelmot

    Klein Blu RSM!!! Works well on G series!

    Hello all. I received my Klein Blu RSM today. I am very happy with the volume, Bluetooth connection and audio. Here's a few pics for size comparison with the G4 and a Motorola Commander II mic. Works flawlessly with my G4 1.3 fw. No cutting off transmissions, no beeps and I truly believe the...
  8. tunnelmot

    Blue Tooth shoulder speaker

    Hey all. I received my Blu RSM today. In one word...outstanding. I will start a new thread here with pics, etc.
  9. tunnelmot

    Montgomery County Law Enforcement...Texas

    I agree that he seems curiously passionate about encryption. I have heard 3rd party information on his reasoning, but I will not perpetuate those as there is no verification. Yes, he is annoyed with the whole situation. His answer is "we have to do this in order to encrypt" (regarding the tow...
  10. tunnelmot

    Montgomery County Law Enforcement...Texas

    Yes, still in the open for now. But make NO mistake Sheriff Henderson is actively pushing for encryption...per his own public statements and county commissioner minutes.
  11. tunnelmot

    APX APX Codeplug

    Jesus this post burns. An APX is potentially in my future. Due diligence for sure. Do you feel comfortable sharing the seller info for the rest of the class?
  12. tunnelmot

    Blue Tooth shoulder speaker

    Ver. 1.30 the 8/7/20 release
  13. tunnelmot

    Blue Tooth shoulder speaker

    I'm aware this is a dusty thread...but just wanted to share that after a few cans of liquid courage I am pulling the trigger on the Klein BluRSM. Let's see what is what with my G4 1.3 and I'll report back. The new firmware updates are sweet for sure and make the G series a powerful tool. Here's...
  14. tunnelmot

    DPS Region 2 P25 VHF Dispatch channels

    Oh my...the nostalgia...KKC588. I didn't even notice the absence of station ID until this thread.
  15. tunnelmot

    DPS Region 2 P25 VHF Dispatch channels

    The units I'm referencing were not equipped with multi band antennas. Only the 7/800 meg "film can" type or 1/4 wave spike along with either a naked NMO or clipped vhf coil or vhf coil with whip removed. I have seen many units (Waco/CenTex/HOTRRS) with the multiband StiCo type or sharkfin style...
  16. tunnelmot

    DPS Region 2 P25 VHF Dispatch channels

    I have a clean dedicated Astro Saber VHF that was dedicated just for DPS. It got to the point where I didn't hear anything and haven't turned it on in months. Same experience as you. Rural traffic here and there, but I pretty much just migrated all my Region 2 to my TXWarn radios. Also have...
  17. tunnelmot

    Picked up some HT600’s

    I actually have 2 very clean P200s in a working fleet that I maintain for a family members' business. Very warm audio, pleasing to the ear.
  18. tunnelmot

    The Desk Rack of 2021

    I too have checked out both AudioRax and alberta radio supply trying to decide what I want to build.
  19. tunnelmot

    1/4 wave VHF antenna on UHF

    Props to mmckenna...solid bs Duly noted. I truly think that a band specific 1/4 wave is the winner for many installs. But they're not as "sexy"..that includes myself as I have a few bux invested in low profile/covert/can type antennas. Some are excellent, some are dummy loads. But...
  20. tunnelmot

    Updated 1995 Ford F150 install

    That is an EXTREMELY clean F150 that is most likely INCREASING in value. It's apparent that you maintain your vehicles to the upmost standard. The install is clean and purposeful...but my goodness you have a gem there! My other hobby is custom trucks...mainly 80's/90's. I'm a GM guy but damn...