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    New DMR upgrade

    Your question is much better asked in this forum - I will have it moved. The author of ProScan (and other users) can better answer your question there....Mike
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    need programming cable and software for Pro-76

    Quite true. In point of fact, most of the real old RS scanners used exactly the same cable - sometimes with, sometimes without - the pigtail. It goes back a very long way....Mike
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    need programming cable and software for Pro-76

    I did say that it might work; it does list the PRO-79 as compatible , so that's close. And with these older scanners that's all you likely need (it has been that way in the past). And this says that the otherwise crummy software is Win10 compatible; Mike
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    need programming cable and software for Pro-76

    The 76 is so old that we don't have anything in our wiki for it. The only thing that appears to support it would be Scancat Lite Plus - and I hesitate to even recommend it as it has been known to royally screw up scanners. And as for the cable - I think you will need a cable like the old RS...
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    Please school me on LTR TGID info

    Maybe this helps...according to this, the last set of digits are a group number that goes from 001-254 Mike
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    Horizontal indoor loop antenna v. 1.0

    Depending on your budget, you could even use a W6LVP indoors, especially if you have an attic you can use. If there's enough room, you could even put an el-cheapo rotator on it. Or this - he's got an experimenter's kit that might give you a little more flexibility in what you use for the loop...
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    BCT15X: Just ordered an BCT15-X...anyone have one?

    Sorry Merlin but that tap you made isn't going to make much difference on ACARS decoding, as that is strictly AM, not FM. And Navtex is an HF and LW mode - ranges the 15X really doesn't cover very much. Mike
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    Commercial loop antenna recommendations?

    With the notable exception of antennas for hams and 27 Mhz CB, antennas aren't generally built for a particular service. A broadbanded HF marine antenna will likely work just fine on Aero, etc. That being said, the amount of stuff being reported for HF Aero has dropped off a lot in recent...
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    Commercial loop antenna recommendations?

    I would think that considerations like shipping, customs and VAT might sway you to go to the Wellbrook in your case- I certainly would consider it Mike
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    Commercial loop antenna recommendations?

    W6LVP has a version of that Wellbrook ALA100LN, too....Mike
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    Commercial loop antenna recommendations?

    The links for the W6LVP and a great many others can be found here Mike
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    BCT15X: Just ordered an BCT15-X...anyone have one?

    Oh yes, one more thing - updating the firmware.... Mike
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    BCT15X: Just ordered an BCT15-X...anyone have one?

    The 15X is a fine analog only scanner- this means it will not cover any digital protocols like P25 or DMR. Happily it seems your area doesn't hardly have any of that....(links are always blue) So where to start? It will be a learning curve...
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    Antenna for listening to Military channels?

    This depends on your situation. Getting it outside and up in the air, clear of obstructions, is paramount as is using the right coax to reduce loss. We have a small discussion - with several antenna links as examples - here...
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    RRDB Apps.

    What in the world do you mean? There are quite a few of them most all of them revolve around loading data into something. Mike
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    Multi-wire broadband dipole ?

    I think that T3FD is also known as a broadband butterfly HF dipole- at least the description you gave is quite similar... Mike
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    Help me help you

    I had answered your question in your original thread - you must download your contents into software (like ProScan) to do this. You can't unprotect a system with a keyboard trick. Mike
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    BCT15X: System protect on BCT15X.

    Not from the keyboard. Download it into software....Mike
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    Radio Shack Scanner programming?

    No, that's for Whistler scanners. IScan is for Radio Shack scanners. What is the model number, please This is vital information so that we can help you correctly. The 325 is a good scanner, but we are surrounded by systems that repeat transmissions over several towers at the same time...
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    Weirdness with 396T/Satellit 800 interaction

    The problem with that theory is that it might not be the antenna that is picking up the oscillator(s). This is a tricky problem to solve, as I said before, because it's not out of the range of possibility that more than 1 culprit is at fault here Mike