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    forum posting

    @KevinC looks like he figured it out
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    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    EXECUTIVE 1 FOXTROT today is 98-0002 just departed from Heathrow to bring Jill Home, earlier than scheduled departure, SAM18 over Brussels, SAM46 & AF1 on the way to Brussels AF1 on a strange flight path compared to SAM46. Changed call to Executive 1 Foxtrot briefly and back to AF1.
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    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Interesting hit showing on ADSBx over Windsor Castle Helo NH3, with hex of 43C290 registration XW214. Just wondering given the person there if that could be a spoof and callsign stand for NIGHTHAWK 3? Appeared about same time M1 departed. Headed from Windsor to Heathrow as SAM18 is flying in...
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    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Sec'y of State to travel to Brussels for NATO, probably already arrived as 99-0003 is on the ground there.
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    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Sunday POTUS schedule BST 3:25 PM BST/10:25 AM ET THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart Cornwall, United Kingdom en route London, United Kingdom from Cornwall Airport Newquay 4:25 PM /11:25 AM ET THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY arrive in London, United Kingdom Heathrow...
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    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Tomorrow, At 7:30 PM BST / 2:30 PM ET, the First Lady will depart Heathrow Airport to return to the White House. This departure is closed press.
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    Headed to Asheville with SDS100

    Have you looked at the link in the VIPER database for the tower? It gives Lat/Long in the description. Or take a look at this map...
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    Wake County P25 switch

    The system is not yet active so it is not in RR, changes may be made before it comes online, the past month or so there has been almost no voice traffic. The licenses were posted in the early days of this thread, so you can see the frequencies licensed P25 to wake county, and I'm sure DFS lists...
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    Looking for WS1040 help around Gastonia

    If you don't have a computer how do you use this forum? There are no shops in the Gaston area that do programming, I believe you might be able to mail it to Scanner Masters, they charge about about $70 and it takes 2-4 weeks...
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    North Carolina New License Grants

    Lots of renewals, only one business got a new license grant this week. Below is this weeks (06/5 to 06/12/2021) NC license grants. If you would like to receive this list weekly by email you may subscribe here NC License Grants Email Subscription Sign Up
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    700 mhz A quick search in the top right corner of the RR website gets the above explanation. Search is your friend.
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    how far can i go

    There is no standard answer to that, it depends on a lot of factors including towers, obstructions, antenna being used by you, type of system, among others. If you look at the towers for the system, such as the MOSWIN, you'll see range circles that are approximate, such as these two...
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    POTUS coming to sunny UK....

    Just wondering if you have heard any thing else since he has arrived? President starts the day late, doing some president stuff in the morning.. Tomorrow 1st Lady has added a school visit in Cornwall.
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    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Anybody hear about this?
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    windows software question

    You might get better responses if you request this be moved to the Scanner Programming Software forum rather than here. Please don't start a new thread just click on REPORT in bottom left corner and ask the admin to move it. They'll be happy to help out and your responses might be better...
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    POTUS coming to sunny UK....

    Interesting read
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    Encryption Question

    On newer Whistlers (IScan/EZ Scan) you can set the audio for silence, garbled audio, or busy tone.
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    Encryption Question

    Audio settings on newer Whistler scanners, UNIDEN scanners I believe just have silence, skip over them.
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    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Strange track for AF1 as it moves around Great Britian tonight, headed from Mildenhall to Newquay Cornwall Airport
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    New DOD 5G system coming to Albany GA

    Thanks for explaining it, I saw thw 380 MHz and thought... Well, thanks