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    BC125AT: BC125AT Help

    I have purchased a used BC125AT scanner and I fully realize that it is a "dated" scanner. Therefore, much of the information online is also dated. I am using Windows 10-64 version and the "old" information references suggest needing a driver for Windows 7. Of course, I do not have Windows 7...
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    BC125AT: uniden bearcat bc125at frequency centering question

    hi guys i had a BC125AT scanner, today i tried to store MANUALLY frequency 161.6 (channel20 marine) but the scanner shift automatically to 161.6025 and cannot stay on 161.6000. i noticed that if i search with the SVC shortcut in the marine section i can find the frequency 161.6000 centered...
  3. JimD56

    June 2021 Shack

    ...The 2 Dongles are using a 4 inch Motorola Portable 700-800mhz rubber duckie. 1 RTL-SDR Dongle running misc. VHF/UHF analog stuff. 2 BC125AT's running through a Windows 7 PC for my Broadcastify feed. All scanners, the XTL's, the XTS3000, and the one RTL-SDR Dongle are run through an...
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    Any point in upgrading from a BC125AT?

    I live in Sonoma County, California, and bought a BC125AT a few years ago to keep up to date on the wildfires we've been having around here. It's been indispensable to listen in to Calfire and local emergency services. It's been so useful that I've been wondering if a better scanner would be...
  5. JimD56

    New Found BC125AT Awesomeness - ProScan

    I was using my Uniden BC125ATSS software to load more freqs and when I was done and closed the program, ProScan picked it up and populated it on my PC Screen. ProScan has full virtual control over my BC125AT. How awesome is that, and it reads it as a BCD325P2, Nice. (y) Can't program it, but...
  6. J

    New BC125AT from Amazon

    I just received a refurbished BC125AT from Amazon. A new 125 is on backorder just about everywhere, and the vendors that have them in stock are charging $275 and up.....the lowest 4 star vendor was charging over $300. I paid $83 for the refurbished 125, and the only thing I see wrong with it...
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    BC125AT: bc125at programming

    i have programming by computer working but cant seem to program individual banks. should i be able to organize and program by banks without interupting others. manual dosent cover at all. help welcome tom wk8m
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    BC125AT: Where can I get a replacement belt clip for my BC125AT?

    Broke the belt clip on my BC125AT. I dont' see a replacement clip for this particular model on the Uniden website, and pretty much everything they do have is sold out. Any suggestions?
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    BC125AT: Repurposing stock SDS100 antenna to BC125AT

    ...opted to add the Remtronix antenna, works great, especially for trunked comms. I have the spare stock SDS100 antenna I'd like to use on my BC125AT that still works great for railroad scanning. Questions: 1. Am I likely to experience better, worse or the same performance, everything else...
  10. JoeBearcat

    BC125AT: BC125AT "discontinued" rumors

    There have apparently been some rumors floating around that the BC125AT is being or has been discontinued. While at some point it will surely be discontinued (as well all models eventually as they are replaced), this will not be for some time and the 125 has NOT been discontinued.
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    BC125AT: BC125AT Battery saver

    Hi anybody know if theres a battery saver or anything on the BC125AT scanner and if so, how to enable it?
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    scan25 transfer new list to bc125at

    newbie question, After making up a list (forgot in insert cable) what is the proper procedure to send it to the bc125ap on the scan125 menu, i know i should read the manual but i don't want to lose 45 min work, thanks guys
  13. G

    BC125AT vs SR30C

    What are the main differences between these two scanners? I ordered the 125AT from Amazon but it says its going to take over a month before it is delivered. I can order the SR30C and have it next week. Is there any reason to wait for the 125AT? I will be mostly using whichever scanner for...
  14. P

    BC125AT Range upgrade for 5.5 Mi

    ...just a little over 5.5 miles from a big class bravo international airport and I want to be able to pick up the tower frequency with my Uniden BC125AT. Currently, I'm using the diamond rh77ca antenna but I cant pick up the actual ATC, only planes when they pass by. Is there an antenna with a...
  15. dispatchgeek

    BC125AT: BC125AT Firmware warning!

    I've made an unpleasant discovery this morning. I was a big dope, and didn't check the firmware on my BC125AT before updating. It appears that the newest ones ship with a 1.06 version firmware, and the latest file published by Uniden on their website is 1.03.01. The scanner happily takes the...
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    New BC125AT

    I just purchased this new. All was fine until I updated the firmware. I now have no sound. It doesn't pick anything up now. Scans fine but no reception. I tried a reset and still nothing. Weather no sound as well. Reception is gone. Any ideas?
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    I recently got into scanners and bought the bc125at. I’m looking to use it in my truck on the long drive to work and was wondering if I should upgrade the antenna for better range. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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    BC125AT Scan Mode All locked

    Hi, I'm new here and have just bought a Bearcat BC125AT. I sat down to start programming the scanner but got nowhere. After the first two screens appear I get "All Channels locked out" followed by "Scan Mode Locked out". I read a thread from 2014 about this issue but the solution i read there...
  19. W

    bc125at (handheld scanner just picked it up today) programming question

    just got the radio today, got the software installed and my channels loaded into bank 1/2 and scanning/reception is working well. my question is about making changes to things such as volume level/ brightness ect. i raised the volume level and a few other things by the programming cable but...
  20. maxxkatt

    Changed my mind on BC125AT purchase

    I live in North Atlanta and changed my mind on the BC125AT purchase. My idea was to use this for mobile operations and the RTL-SDR dongle on my laptop at home with my Discone antenna in the attic with low loss RG8 50' cable. But then I would have to use my laptop running microsoft XP software...