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    Tri Boro / Central Communications

    railtrailbiker, which Tri-Boro (North) fire "channel 3" are they being told to call in on? I'm assuming the VHF-high band 153.8900 (173.8) and not the UHF 458.2375 (173.8). And EMS is still going to 155.2350 (173.8), correct?
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    Troy City Council votes on getting new police radios, cutting off public access

    I find it amusing that "criminal enterprises" is the only reason cited above as a possible justification as to why an agency would opt to migrate toward encryption of their voice radio systems.
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    Law enforcement phonetic alphabet “political correctness”

    "Mmmm...G-d damn, Jimmy. This is some serious gourmet sh*t. Me and Vince would've been satisfied with some freeze-dried Taster's Choice, right? And he springs this serious gourmet s*it on us. What flavor is this?" "Knock it off, Julie." What a movie...
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    Ocean Beach?

    Quite a few, in fact... Operations - 460.7500, 88.5 Operations 2 - 460.6000, 82.5 Fireground A - 465.5125, D432 Fireground B - 465.5375, D432 Islandwide - 476.4750, 77.0 Islandwide 6 - 453.7000, 94.8 OP: I'm confused by your use of the word "split." Are you trying to listen in on the...
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    Search and rescue frequencies, New York State?

    151.2200, csq; 151.2800, csq; 151.2500, csq; and 151.2650, csq are channels 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively in the Department of Environmental Conservation's standard channel plans. They can be used by any component of the DEC's Office of Public Protection, including the Division of Law Enforcement...
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    New Milford FD/Oradell FD/River Edge FD

    I'd lean toward 158.8800.
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    NYPD Looking For Dispatchers ("Police Comm. Technicians")

    I'm wondering how they are going to handle parking around MetroWreak for all of the out-of-towners driving into work everyday.
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    West Milford Passaic Co NJ - Fire Dispatch PD/DPL?

    Got to give credit to Company 6 for not adding a tone to their frequency. Seeing as how its a common itinerant business channel (the old "red dot"), I'd like to know right away if a contractor, or other licensed entity, is operating in the area temporarily (likely on a closed tone on his end...
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    Middlesex Fire Band- Old Timers

    Carteret 179.9 East Brunswick 156.7 North Brunswick 192.8 Pert Amboy and Woodbridge 103.5 Sayreville 151.4 I have all the rest of the agencies as CSQ.
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    Coast Guard TRACEN PD is BACK

    The OP placed the location in his heading - TraCen (USCG Recruit Training Center).
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    NYS Thruway

    NYAirOne, I'm surprised that you're aren't hearing anything on 453.4250 / 453.5250. As k2hz suggests above, the pairs aren't just used by NYSP Troop T (7_ series) units and the Authority's maintenance / engineering / administrative (1_, 2_, 3_ or 4_ series, depending on the Division) units, but...
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    I have.
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    State Liquor Authority

    Po, have you seen any of their personnel carrying DABC radios? When they plan on operating in a premises where they have any cause to believe that there might be any problem (usually in connection with sales-to-minors or sales-to-intoxicated patron investigations, noise/chronic fights...
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    AMTRAK/LIRR East River Tunnel

    Try 161.1150 as the input for the 159.7500 repeater.
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    Chester Fire Morris

    Not to mention all the Christmas tree/wreath/grave blanket sales/fundraisers going on and the members going out to make deliveries, using their pick-up trucks, staying in touch with their bases. Kind of confuses things when they cross just over borders to make deliveries in adjoining districts...
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    Harrison/East Newark

    Affirmative. I stand corrected.
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    Putnam county fire/ems dispatch

    N2MWE, are you suggesting that the 700 MHz system will have capability for quick call-over-trunking?
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    Harrison/East Newark

    mondaro, of the two UTac8s, 453.6250, 141.3 and 453.6250, $293, which version is used during events at the Arena?
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    New York State DOT

    Here in my corner of Region 8-4, I've heard the Department of Transportation use 47.3200 (123.0) portable-to-portable. Mobile-to-mobile is on 47.2200 (123.0).