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  1. jonwienke

    SDS200 SDS200 freezing issue

    I had a spare, so it was only down for a few minutes once I noticed the scanner had locked up.
  2. jonwienke

    SDS200 SDS200 freezing issue

    I just killed a standard SanDisk 32GB card in my SDS200 after about 2 years of daily use. It's being replaced with a high endurance card.
  3. jonwienke

    SDS100: SDS 100 won't recognize GPS

    Wrong setting, the new pucks run at 9600.
  4. jonwienke

    sds100 settings

    Turn it on if you have multiple signals on a frequency, and only want to hear one. Otherwise leave it on ignore, or you may miss traffic.
  5. jonwienke

    SDS200 SDS 200 GPS Issue

    What is your serial port setting? One of the most common problems is being at 4800 when it needs to be 9600.
  6. jonwienke

    SDS100: SDS 100 won't recognize GPS

    What is your serial port speed setting?
  7. jonwienke

    RFI caused only by 146.205 MHz and not adjacent repeater pairs

    It's common for RFI to vary by frequency. A cable might be the right length to resonate, or perhaps a chassis component or circuit trace in the computer somewhere. Ferrites are probably a waste of time. Move the antenna so it isn't directly under the computer. Get a cookie sheet and stick the...
  8. jonwienke

    SDS200 LTR Issues

    Are you using the same programming/favorite list you used for the 536? Any changes at all?
  9. jonwienke

    SDS100: Battery door clip replacement?

    Metal is actually a bad idea. The clip needs to have a little bit of flex to snap into place and keep tension after popping over the detent on the battery cover. If the clip was steel or aluminum, you'd have to choose between it being extremely difficult to engage and disengage the clip (and...
  10. jonwienke

    Are there any cheap SSB receivers that go below 500 KHz?

    You don't need an upconverter with any SDR that does direct sampling. The RTL-SDRs will RX down into the audio frequency band without any additional hardware.
  11. jonwienke

    SDS200 SDS200 freezing issue

    Hanging/freezing issues are nearly always card problems. Tyr a different card before returning/exchanging the radio.
  12. jonwienke

    You bought an used/new scanner, now how do I program it?

    Most Sentinel "mistakes" are user error.
  13. jonwienke

    Simulcast Reception without an SDS - Next on the Scanner Guys Show

    Which is why I did, because not everyone understands that.
  14. jonwienke

    Recs for scanner antenna for a vessel

    I would consider a discone antenna for scanner RX. It has its own ground plane, and too much gain can be a negative on a boat that is pitching and rolling anyway.
  15. jonwienke

    Simulcast Reception without an SDS - Next on the Scanner Guys Show

    None of those things work for mobile scanning. More likely they will be discussing the Blue Tail receiver.
  16. jonwienke

    Is it normal for an RTL-SDR stick to suddenly need a different tuning offset?

    Get a SDR with a TCXO, and you avoid most such issues.
  17. jonwienke

    SDS100 Buyer Beware

    In some cases, scroll knob problems are caused by the solder joint issue. The scroll knob signal lines go through J401.
  18. jonwienke

    BCD436HP: Uniden BCD436HP

    Nope. About 95% of the time the culprit is oxidation on the speaker spring contacts and/or the circuit board pads, or metal particles on the surface of the speaker. If you clean the contacts and maybe bend the spring contacts out a little, and use a magnet to get everything off the surface of...
  19. jonwienke

    When you can't listen to law enforcement, what do you listen to?

    Fire/EMS dispatch is good for general situational awareness, albeit delayed more than police dispatch in some cases. Bus drivers are good for inclement weather driving conditions and rush hour traffic updates. Ham chitchat can be interesting if it doesn't devolve into comparative discussions of...
  20. jonwienke

    SDS200 Capabilities

    Most any Uniden scanner can be controlled remotely with ProScan. The 536 and SDS200 stream digital audio directly from the scanner, eliminating the need for an analog audio connection. Everything is done through the network connection.