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  1. BCJ2

    need to upgrade antenna

    Just ordered thanks everyone for your help!!
  2. BCJ2

    need to upgrade antenna

    sounds like I am gonna buy the Omni-X what kind of adapter would I need to hook into my RG6 that has regular screw on cable connections?
  3. BCJ2

    need to upgrade antenna

    Hey guys looks like I need to upgrade my ST2 antenna anyone know whats good for frequencies 136., 155., and P25 800Mhz? looks like mine lost a part thanks in advance for your input
  4. BCJ2

    Storm Chasers

    I need to find how to scan south east Colorado from Pueblo to Kansas we always get some funky weather here LOL
  5. BCJ2

    La Junta Police went to encrypted

    La Junta Police in Otero County went to encrypted
  6. BCJ2

    Otero County NOAA

    Thank you so much!!
  7. BCJ2

    Otero County NOAA

    Hey guys i anyone care to explain how to set up the NOAA where i get the alerts if there is a warning in my area? I live in Rocky Ford, Colorado in Otero County and have a PRO-2096 and a 652 Scanner I searched everywhere and dont see how to get it done! Thanks in advance!!
  8. BCJ2

    WS1098: Scanning display

    Hey guys new to the 1098 does the display suppose to look like this pic while scanning? I noticed when it stops on my county sheriff it sounds like a reverb or robot type voice really hard to make out what there saying I know they are not encrypted sounds fine on my radio shack pro 652. thanks...
  9. BCJ2

    Otero Couty Simplex 1 frequency

    Hey guys anyone know the frequency for a channel called simplex 1? I heard our sheriffs deputy calling for Care Connect (flight for life) to help look for a lost person he told his dispatch he was gonna switch to simplex 1 to talk to Care Connect (flight for life)? thanks in advance
  10. BCJ2

    private online streaming

    Hey guys new to this whats the best online private scanner online streaming I can set up for my friends and family? thanks in advance
  11. BCJ2

    PRO 668 Drivers

    I would like a copy of that to please and thank you
  12. BCJ2

    signal meter

    using RG6 about 50ft I have a DVB-T+DAB+FM lol i need to learn how to use it its just sitting there
  13. BCJ2

    signal meter

    Hey guys got a question is there a meter I can check my signals I have scantenna st-2 but 800Mhz is really choppy I have PRO-652 scanner and a PRO-2096 I have a tower in my area that is like 10 miles away and another that is like 30 miles away thanks in advance for any info
  14. BCJ2

    Pro-668: PRO-668 USB Cable

    Thanks everyone!!
  15. BCJ2

    Pro-668: PRO-668 USB Cable

    Anyone know where I can buy a replacement USB Cable for my PRO-668 Scanner? I lost mine and cant find it. Thanks for any info
  16. BCJ2

    magnetic antenna blows off

    Thanks guys!!!
  17. BCJ2

    magnetic antenna blows off

    anyone know a trick i can make my antenna stay on my vehicle if i drive 65Mph or a semi passes by it blows off and hits my windows this is the antenna i bought its a great antenna when its on LOL
  18. BCJ2

    Pro-96: LED Display

    I sent out a pro 96 to G&G COMMUNICATIONS cause it would not power on they got it fixed and its on the way back today :)
  19. BCJ2

    Pro-652: closed or open mode