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  1. AK9R

    Field Day 2021 is a bust in AZ

    Field Day can be whatever you want it to be. Frankly, I saw seemingly hundreds of whiny, submissive amateur radio operators post on social media last year that "Field Day was a bust" when their locality was "locked down". Yet, some of us proved that it wasn't. And, you can count me among the...
  2. AK9R

    Logging contact on LOTW

    You need to have TQSL installed on your computer and you need to have your LotW account authorized before you can post anything to LotW. However, TQSL really doesn't build a log for you. It can take an ADIF file as input and then create the file to upload to LotW. Easiest approach is to use a...
  3. AK9R

    Field Day 2021 is a bust in AZ

    If you really want to operate Field Day, you will find a way to do it. If you want to complain about some external condition prohibiting you from operating Field Day, you will do it. Work the problem and find a solution. If nothing else, sit at home in the air conditioning and operate 1D.
  4. AK9R

    Alinco: Alinco DR-235T MKIII

    As I mentioned earlier, contact Raj at Remtronix to see if he will sell you one direct.
  5. AK9R

    Field Day 2021 is a bust in AZ

    There is no Class H in the ARRL Field Day. You may be thinking of Class D. ARRL Field Day rules can be found here: Field Day Rules
  6. AK9R

    Field Day 2021 is a bust in AZ

    Last year, when everybody (yes, I'm exaggerating) cowered at home and operated 1D. I got permission to use a local church's outdoor shelter. Had the place to myself, put up a portable antenna, set up my radio, and operated 1B all afternoon. Didn't make many contacts, but had a good time.
  7. AK9R

    SDS100: SDS100 electrical issue

    How are Anker and other "known reliable" brands with regard to spurious emissions? I have car chargers that wipe out parts of VHF and I'm loathe to buying a bucket of different USB chargers trying to find one that is clean.
  8. AK9R

    Alinco: Alinco DR-235T MKIII

    Folks, the 902 MHz conversation continues here: 902 MHz band
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    Harford Co - Unication G4 For Sale

    Offers to buy, sell, or trade should be posted in the Classifieds section of RadioReference, not in the forums.
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    Taking my deceased fathers callsign.

    But, what was the format of the callsign? Amateur radio callsigns can be 2x3, 1x3, 2x2, 1x2, or 2x1. Was it two letters, then a number, then two more letters? For example, KO6JW above is a 2x2 callsign and he got it while he held an Advanced license. When you get your Technician license, you...
  11. AK9R

    Taking my deceased fathers callsign.

    You are both correct. According to the FCC Amateur Radio Sequential Call Sign System, 2x2 callsigns beginning with K, N, or W are Group B which is only available to Advanced class license holders or above. If the OP's father had a 2x2 callsign beginning with K, N, or W, and since, new Advanced...
  12. AK9R

    Alinco: Alinco DR-235T MKIII

    I suspect that there are many similar parts between the DR-135, DR-235, DR-435, DR-06, and DR-03. But, the RF sections are probably all different with the DR-135/DR-235 and DR-03/DR-06 possibly being the closest. The problem is one of manufacturing economics. Of that line, all of them can be...
  13. AK9R

    XTS3000 xts programing

    Folks, the OP hasn't been here in a week. I'll assume that he got an answer to his question and moved on. Thread closed (locked).
  14. AK9R

    Opinions about new HF rig

    How about a Bluetooth connection between base and control head? That would improve installation flexibility.
  15. AK9R

    Alinco: Alinco DR-235T MKIII

    The DR-235 is still listed on Remtronix's website. Raj prefers to deal with retailers, but he has been known to sell directly if you ask nicely. That said, the entire DR-x35 product line is about 20 years old...
  16. AK9R

    What do I need to set up an iGate and digipeater?

    You bring up an interesting point. Once you put up a digipeater, or a voice repeater for that matter, and the local amateur radio community comes to depend on that resource, how much responsibility do you have to the community to keep the resource running? Granted, folks will use a resource like...
  17. AK9R

    New to HAM Radio

    For identification. Many repeaters identify with Morse code.
  18. AK9R

    What do I need to set up an iGate and digipeater?

    Many APRS weather stations do not transmit over the air and, instead, inject their data directly into the ARPS-IS.
  19. AK9R

    Fire tone out tones help

    For location specific fire tone-outs, I suggest you ask the question in the appropriate state-related forum. For questions about programming Minitor pagers, I suggest the Motorola forum.
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    Heard IDHS talking to IN NWS, any one know the TG for IN NWS?

    I don't know that I've ever monitored DHS talkgroups during inclement weather.