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  1. Whiskey3JMC

    HF scanner?

    Any communications receiver (AOR, ICOM, Yupiteru) among others can do this, but as mentioned above me, it would be impractical due to variable noise floor
  2. Whiskey3JMC

    Hearing music through scanner

    Antennae don't discriminate between analog vs digital but rather by the band(s) they are tuned to
  3. Whiskey3JMC

    How useful is a Pro-96?

    I owned a Pro 96 oh maybe about 15 or 20 years ago. First scanner I've ever heard P25 on.
  4. Whiskey3JMC

    Software for ALL Uniden Scanners ?

    Short answer, no. The older Unidens have hardware limitations and/or simply lack the capability to be software programmed. Proscan supports most (but not all) of the current software-programmable Unidens
  5. Whiskey3JMC

    SDS200 LTR Issues

    Are the appropriate service types enabled on the SDS200?
  6. Whiskey3JMC

    Using SDS-100 in Europe

    Hi & welcome to the RR forums: From the RR database main page, choose country here (as outlined in red). Note that not every country has identified info but that's how you can check. Also, emergency services in most (all?) European countries are encrypted (often Tetra) which the SDS100 nor any...
  7. Whiskey3JMC

    Previous BurlCo feed provider

    I don't know if the Broadcastify admins can let you know when it was last online but I do know for a fact that Broadcastify feeds are automatically removed if the feed was offline for 3 weeks. See here
  8. Whiskey3JMC

    BCD436HP: Recording issues

    Are you referring to the RECORD function or the REPLAY function? Record is started when you press FUNCTION and REPLAY/RECORD then E/Yes. Pressing the same key combo stops the recording. Regarding REPLAY, you need to set the replay duration via MENU > SETTINGS > REPLAY OPTIONS > SET REPLAY...
  9. Whiskey3JMC

    TRX-1 for Canadian user?

    Uniden Sentinel for the 436HP or Whistler EZ Scan for the TRX-1. Both feature the Canada databases from Radioreference The paid upgrades aren't a requirement unless you have specific DMR or NXDN frequencies or systems you're interested in monitoring
  10. Whiskey3JMC

    SDS100: SDS 100 Power/Programming Cable

    Any USB mini cable should work. Here's an ebay listing for one
  11. Whiskey3JMC

    Can scanner signal be too strong

    Hi & welcome to the RR forums. What specific analog stations are you unable to pick up? I gave your county's database page a quick glance. Looks as though your police and fire departments once operated on analog VHF, though they now operate on the state's P25 Phase-II system here. If you're...
  12. Whiskey3JMC

    Freescan: looking for free scan download to program uniden

    Link was posted thrice on this thread :rolleyes:
  13. Whiskey3JMC

    SDS100: System Programming Question

    Hi & welcome to the RR forums: If system with QK 0 is the only enabled system in Favorites List QK 0 and you turn it off by pressing .0, you will then need to press 0.0 (Favorites list.System QK) to re-enable the system in that particular FL. If other systems are enabled and you turn off system...
  14. Whiskey3JMC

    Freescan: looking for free scan download to program uniden

    Click here. Take note of supported models at top of page (you didn't specify what model scanner you have)
  15. Whiskey3JMC

    NS Power DMR T III for BCD996P2 using ProScan

    Definitely a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature
  16. Whiskey3JMC

    NS Power DMR T III for BCD996P2 using ProScan

    Proscan, correct me if I'm wrong but if you click "Upload to scanner" you should be given checkboxes to choose which favorites lists to update (just like the x36hp and SDSxx Favorites Editor) Correct? Sorry, I no longer have a 996
  17. Whiskey3JMC

    NS Power DMR T III for BCD996P2 using ProScan

    Since you already have a premium subscription & assuming you're running the latest Proscan, launch the favorites editor (Check box is towards the top left of window. Choose File > Import Radioreference web. Log in with Radioreference credentials (step 1) I numbered each button to click, drop...
  18. Whiskey3JMC

    Industrial Electronics (Conway) NXDN Trunked

    Caught some voice traffic on two different TGs which is how I picked up the remaining LCNs. Being it's Sunday, it's been quiet the rest of the day... 2021/06/13 10:57:33 Current site: L448-17 2021/06/13 10:57:34 No data for current site found in DSDPlus.frequencies file 2021/06/13...
  19. Whiskey3JMC

    Industrial Electronics (Conway) NXDN Trunked

    I've done this numerous times since I've discovered it and have come up with the same result. When conditions are right, my 536HP would also confirm system & site ID I reported with 1 bar (of course it won't cooperate now when I want it to). I'm over 100 miles away from the supposed TX site so...