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  1. alcahuete

    Logging contact on LOTW

    Personally, I don't upload anything directly to QRZ. I upload from N3FJP to LOTW. From there, I import to QRZ. Works great that way.
  2. alcahuete

    Field Day 2021 is a bust in AZ

    Do you have to go to a National Forest to have Field Day? I must have missed that in the literature. Set up in a local park, a parking lot, mobile, etc.
  3. alcahuete

    XPR Rx/Tx Display

    LOL!! He screwed up the quote tags.
  4. alcahuete

    Don't believe everything you hear on ham radio

    Everybody went to digital. 70cm is far from dead.
  5. alcahuete

    Keying up transceiver when antenna has poor SWR

    Set your power output. Set the radio to RTTY. Turn your antenna tuner off. Transmit. At that point, use an external meter to determine your SWR. Yes, if you have good SWR, then run without the tuner. The key thing to remember is that an antenna tuner does NOT fix your SWR issues. It...
  6. alcahuete

    Anytone 6666

    If you want two antennas on your car simultaneously, yes.
  7. alcahuete

    Taking my deceased fathers callsign.

    Yep, need an Extra class license for that call. That's a 2x2. As mentioned above, you have a year to do it. :)
  8. alcahuete

    Taking my deceased fathers callsign.

    Has nothing to do with starting with a K. All amateur call signs start with either A, K, N, or W. What is important is the format of the call. If you list the call sign, it would be much easier for us to tell you what you need. If it was indeed a 2x2 call sign, i.e. AA6AA, then yes, you...
  9. alcahuete

    Taking my deceased fathers callsign.

    You aren't wrong. You just have to be eligible for the call sign's format, like you say. If you want W1AW, for example, you have to hold an Extra.
  10. alcahuete

    TRBO CPS 16 not launching

    Internet connection should not make an ounce of difference. I have used mine without an internet connection at all, dozens of times. It does take a lot longer to load when no internet connection is present, so it wouldn't surprise me if CPS attempts to call home, for one reason or another...
  11. alcahuete

    That evil Form 605

  12. alcahuete

    Military Radio Ideas - Hytera PD985

    They are very good radios. I like my Motorola XPR radios better. The XPRs also perform better, but the 785/988 is very rugged and a very capable radio.
  13. alcahuete

    Columbia MURS2 Handheld antenna mod?

    Ahhhhh, gotcha. I have no idea then. Sorry.
  14. alcahuete

    Columbia MURS2 Handheld antenna mod?

    I have found a ton of pics, but all of them are with the antenna attached. Take a picture looking at the antenna connector (sans antenna) and post it here. Judging by the pics I found, it is absolutely 100% NOT a BNC connector. Likely SMA, but there is SMA Male and SMA Female depending on how...
  15. alcahuete

    MOTOTRBO CPS error message

    Doh! They gotcha! As was said, anything that goes to Depot for repair comes back with the latest CPS. Now you're stuck using the awful 2.0.
  16. alcahuete

    Park a daily driver with antenna in a garage?

    You either park outside, take the antennas off, or risk damage. I went to 1/4 wave antennas, for the most part, long ago. Barely a noticeable difference here in Southern California, with mostly mountaintop repeaters, and longest antenna is 19".
  17. alcahuete

    Wouxun "Busy" indicator on all channels on my Wouxun KG 805G

    Try changing Busy Channnel Lockout (Menu 10) to OFF and see if that helps.
  18. alcahuete

    40 watt CB SWR Testing.

    This was already answered for you in your other thread on the exact same thing.
  19. alcahuete

    Activity on the Interstates

    Channel 9 has been the Spanish Channel here in California for over 30 years, when propagation is good. I assume it is from Mexico and South America, but who knows?
  20. alcahuete

    Heard an odd QSO on MURS the other day

    Probably just force of habit. I have used my ham call sign on more bands than you can imagine (including 900 MHz ISM), and have used my work call sign plenty on the bands as well, especially during busy contests, though I usually catch myself mid-transmission on those. It's amazing the wacky...