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  1. ridgescan

    Icom R75 FM Mode

    This^ The R75 only goes up to 60mHz. As an example, I monitor the Ca. Highway Patrol in the 42-43mHz range which transmits in FM mode. Not much else going on other than that here in FM.
  2. ridgescan

    Non-typical receivers

    Not sure what you are referring to band-wise far as "receiving". The only two receivers here I can think of as non-typical for a given application, would be my old Ray Jeff RDF portable that uses MW carriers to direction-find. But it happens to be a great long-distance MW station getter. The...
  3. ridgescan

    What's the "most interesting" thing you have heard lately on non-ham HF SSB?

    Yeah good point! Just for fun I usually spin by 8891kHz just to check how well I copy New York Radio from here in San Francisco. I can even faintly catch replying ACs depending upon propagation which to me is pretty amazing. Funny thing is, often times I can copy New York clearer than I can San...
  4. ridgescan

    San Francisco Public Safety going Digital June 2021

    We'll see. It'll be quite a while before I set up any radio stuff when I get there anyway. When I move it'll be a long while before I even come back in RR. I've been living here in my QTH for almost 20 years which afforded my deeply embedded radio hobby with six running rigs and three...
  5. ridgescan

    R8600 RCA Input on Back of Receiver for Long Wire Antenna?

    Either way is good. I personally chose to use the RCA. My 8600 is in the bedroom at my desk. The feed line for the 100' wire antenna on the roof enters through the wall in the living room. I have an Alpha Delta 2 coax switch there and a 30' coax patch line runs from it to the 8600. I soldered an...
  6. ridgescan

    San Francisco Public Safety going Digital June 2021

    I'm dreading your observations and am in denial, hoping this whole thing will go away like the promise of total 700mHz switch thing did a few years ago. Right as I type, I'm still receiving the whole city as usual, as well as the Sunset/Parkside TG I listen to. But I know I'm gonna lose on this...
  7. ridgescan

    Confirm Antenna Choke Understanding on HF Receive Antennas

    I bought a CMC choke and my personal experience is it did nothing to improve noise. I tried it at both the antenna end and receiver end to no avail which tells me my antenna is picking up all the noise here. I think the main offender is an older plasma TV my neighbors have. They lived below me...
  8. ridgescan

    What's the "most interesting" thing you have heard lately on non-ham HF SSB?

    Yes they still have English. As for OP's question, I myself listen to music every night from about 01-0500UTC on 5085kHz WTWW from Tn. and in early evening on 9395kHz WRMI Florida. I also tune in the VOA on 6080 and 5925kHz in that time frame. They transmit from Botswana with a good reliable...
  9. ridgescan

    Old School Uniden Scanner Still In Regular Use?

    Thanks everyone:)
  10. ridgescan

    W6LVP Loop

    May as well throw mine in here too. Diamond D130j scanner antenna (left), Wellbrook ALA1530 shortwave loop antenna (right), and barely visible is the 100' endfed "lazy-L" wire shortwave antenna. All at 50'. Very windy that day so the discone whip and the Wellbrook mast are bent north as I...
  11. ridgescan

    W6LVP Loop

    I only use Times LMR240 coax for switch patches, both HF antennas (100' wire and Wellbrook ALA1530) and my D130J for the scanners. I've had my old trusty Antennacraft TDP-2 rotator that I bought off Amazon back in 2014 for the Wellbrook and it's still running strong up there. Take a look at...
  12. ridgescan

    Realistic PRO-2026 "Patrolman"

    NEVER the trashcan! Closet, garage, hell under the bed even-but never the trashcan unless you blew it up.
  13. ridgescan

    Realistic PRO-2026 "Patrolman"

    I've had my Pro-2066 in my truck since 2007 which seems in-generation with your 2026. This pic is from 2008 but that rig is still working in the same mount spot to this day. Suffered many hot days and many cold ones too. You can't kill these older RS scanners!
  14. ridgescan

    Comical EAM on 4724

    A few times I've heard some pretty colorful EAMs performed by someone behind the mic who obviously felt what they were doing was kind of a joke. I monitor 4724 several times a day here.
  15. ridgescan

    R8600 Display Went Totally Black Today

    Gator I'd rather feel like an idiot than having a for-real busted R8600! Great news:)
  16. ridgescan

    Larson tri-band antenna through car wash ?

    Wash it yourself if you are physically able. I own two vehicles, and they never go near automatic car washers. Even if I have to do the two-bucket hot water wash/rinse (this requires a good waxed finish because no car soap needs to be used). Even if you live in an apartment, you can haul two big...
  17. ridgescan

    San Francisco Public Safety going Digital June 2021

    Crap! I was just posting in my own thread how I'm enjoying my BC785D with SF 800 and that they never switched over. It was a good run.
  18. ridgescan

    Old School Uniden Scanner Still In Regular Use?

    I have a Regency Turbo Scan 800 that has that exact keypad trouble. The rig still runs great though. I bought that one way back in '88 from HRO.
  19. ridgescan

    Brother R.G. Stair passed away 3 April 2021

    This guy was on both WRMI frequencies 9455 and 9395kHz; on WWCR 4840; 5850kHz; three frequencies in the 7 megs; and 9980kHz all just from where I caught his voice tuning around. I believe he will go the way of Dr. Gene Scott where they will replay him for years to come. Long after he's gone.
  20. ridgescan

    R8600 Icom R8600 tuning knob "sticky"

    I wonder if anyone actually likes the center position. I think it's just awful.