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    DMR/NXDN use in Pulaski County?

    To find FCC licensed frequencies for DMR and NXDN in your county: Digital Frequency Search Note: frequencies licensed as DMR or NXDN may still be using analog but this will give you an idea if something you want to listen to is DMR or NXDN.
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    2021 Detroit Grand Prix

    I expect Indycar Officials to be encrypted using 464.175 CC12. You can hear their announcements to the teams on 468.825 (103.5). This is what was used at the 2021 GMR Grand Prix at Indianapolis.
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    FedEX DMR system KIND

    I was over there today and heard FedEx Ground using: 463.5375 WRJN573 CC 7|TG 11|SL 1 463.5375 WRJN573 CC 7|TG 12|SL 2
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    Community Health IP Site Connect DMR Conventional Networks

    This weekend I confirmed that at Community North, 463.95000 WNCX818 CC 1 TG 111 and 452.625 WQVS399 CC 1 TG 111 are simulcast. They transmit at the same time with the same RID on both.
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    Hoosier SAFE-T thread 2021

    Could be. It very much sounded like the dispatcher was not on campus and not familiar with campus buildings.
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    Hoosier SAFE-T thread 2021

    oops..typo...correct TG is 21763
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    Hoosier SAFE-T thread 2021

    Heard a new TG today on the Greenwood site: TG 12763 - IUPD Columbus Campus
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    Marion County & Surrounding

    Greenwood Fire is on SAFE-T site 177: 10828 Johnson Co - Countywide Fire Paging [also simulcast on 154.010 (103.5)] 10829 Johnson Co - Fire North (most Greenwood fire responses) 10832 Johnson Co - Fireground 1 (major fires) You'll hear other departments on those talkgroups as they're shared...
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    NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

    Anyone know what TG the police are using at Indiana Farmers Coliseum?
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    NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

    @milf - Are you or anyone close to Butler checking for frequencies from Hinkle Fieldhouse. I never saw anyone with radios when I was there for a volleyball game but figure they must have a repeater for campus athletics/basketball games.
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    Community Health IP Site Connect DMR Conventional Networks

    JW Mariott TG 1100 is literally the only one I hear since COVID began. Yesterday on TG 1100 I heard Engineering called to Fairfield for an issue with a guest's TV. SpringHill Suites by Marriott has their own separate DMR on 461.225 Really thought there'd be more activity with all the teams...
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    NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

    Thanks! I was gonna request that but you beat me to it :)
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    NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

    I made a new Wiki page where we can put more info for the NCAA tournament as we find it: I populated it with the existing info from the Indiana Sports wiki page.
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    Community Health IP Site Connect DMR Conventional Networks

    It's in the database but no details yet about how the channels are used.
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    Community Health IP Site Connect DMR Conventional Networks

    I'm also curious if we can identify anything from the NCAA: 461.17500000 7K60FXE FB2 461.76250000 7K60FXE FB2 462.45000000 7K60FXE FB2
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    Community Health IP Site Connect DMR Conventional Networks

    @milf Here's my notes that I've yet to submit to the database for hospitals and downtown hotels HOSPITALS Community North 452.625 CC1 SL1 TG 111 - heard last weekend. Didn’t hear enough to figure out how it was used Ascension St Vincent 464.575 315 Hospital Security phone patch...
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    The newest list I'd seen with PL tones: A few more officials frequencies: I'll try to make it out to listen when the come to...
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    Rush county DMR

    I'm picking up the same from Greenwood. 4 bar signal strength on my handheld.
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    StarCom21 Site map

    The JPG in the Starcom21 wiki, I don't have access to the software I used to make it. I'm hopeful one day I'll be able to update it again.
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    IPL Harding Street Power Plant

    Thanks Milf. If I ever get over there again I'll check too. The new Butler 464.975 CC 11 channels are actually part of Newfields/IMA's channels. I listened quite a bit to those channels before quarantine. I'm still curious if there might be more than just the 7 identified IMA channels in...