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  1. RichardKramer

    POTUS Lehigh Co PA

    USSS: 166.5125 NAC001 Encryp CH: Alpha/Sierra 165.3750 NAC001 Encryp CH: Charlie 164.8875 NAC001 Encryp/Clear CH: Oscar; one clear snippet: Unid agent told Stagecoach to contact unid person in the building. Motorcade freq. I tried to attach the BCD436 display & playback of the comms, but file...
  2. RichardKramer

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    AF1 was running a bit late. Dep was to be around 1520L, but dep time was 1545L. Dep from KABE was on 124.45 then Philly South dep on 119.75; Pilot asks for any shortcuts would be appreciated.
  3. RichardKramer


    POTUS at Mack truck facility, Lwr Macungie, Lehigh Co. USSS 165.375 NAC001 CH:Charie encryptd; 166.5125 NAC001 CH:Alpha/Sierraencryptd. 158.835 Lehi Co PD F2 pl186.2 Command Post; 154.145 Lwr Macungie FD Private 30 pl114.8; 460.3625 Lwr Macungie PW dcs343.
  4. RichardKramer

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    You & Mdmonitor must have been drinking the same liquid!!!
  5. RichardKramer

    Secret Service?

    Secret Svc "PAPA".
  6. RichardKramer

    What strategy do you use for monitoring North Atlantic HF aero frequencies?

    Here is info I copied back in 2000 from a comm card by an HF radio at an airshow.
  7. RichardKramer

    Petitions for Reconsideration of Part 95 Personal Radio Services Rules Report and Order

    Why not leave the CB band the way it is with am/ssb and create a new civilian band for fm say from 30 - 32MHz since there isn't much use of that band at that low end except for military comms.
  8. RichardKramer

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Although I never met Jack in person; he was kind enough to send some pictures and a note to me for sending info to him for the Willow Grove NAS air show in 2002. What a really nice guy. RIP.
  9. RichardKramer

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Ron, he may have made a typo: Site 12 - PA Elk Mtn - Sec 34 Elmira High 307.275?
  10. RichardKramer

    NTIA Government Master File of Federal Frequency Assignments

    I have Bob Grove's Federal Freq Assignment book, missing the front cover- it has been used so hard. In the old Police Call books Federal classified freqs were listed as UXX.
  11. RichardKramer

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    I found out this is a National training freq paired with 141.500 on the VHF side.
  12. RichardKramer

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Ft. Indiantown Gap helos : 227.300
  13. RichardKramer

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    A few helos at Reading Regional yesterday: Rdg app/dep: 125.150; Twr: 119.900 1700L Rouge 24, UH-60M, 18-21030, female op; returned to Lakehurst NJ. From Ft. Indiantown Gap: 2005L Guard 152, UH-60A, 89-26152. 2020L Bandit 06, UH-60M, 16-20905. 2030L Mystic 41, UH-60M, 16-20910.
  14. RichardKramer

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2021

    Either that or she can stop over somewhere and boot off some disgruntled staff to the other a/c.
  15. RichardKramer

    Whole house scannner

    I use a pair of RS 900MHz wireless intercoms. I use one on VHF/UHF a/c on 910MHz; one for VHF Fedcomms on 913MHz. They are WBFM, so you need a scanner that does WBFM unless you use one of the intercoms to listen. I bought an original pair when they were in stock; found a second pair on ebay a...
  16. RichardKramer

    Contact thru ISS

    Thanks for the info; have a Happy 4th!
  17. RichardKramer

    Marine Radio Channel Etiquette

    I would try these in the most popular order: CH 68 - 72 - 69 - 71
  18. RichardKramer

    Figured Out Why I Can't Hear The Planes

    Here at Reading, PA airport the tower has a VHF/UHF freq; VHF 119.900 for civilian/military; UHF 288.300 for military. The controller will usually key up both VHF/UHF freqs; if you sit on the UHF freq you won't hear the civilian pilots talk back; same for a military aircraft on the UHF freq; if...