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    Any new Uniden Scanners?

    That's kind of like WeatherUnderground the weather app versus the late 60s commie anarchist group of the same name lol
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    Inexpensive P25 radio?

    How hard would it be to program an EFJ 5100 for one frequency? I've never done any programming. It says 380-470 mhz, I'm interested in 470.500 (P25), so I guess that's out of the range?
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    Frustrating, I was listening to ICE earlier today and had to shut down to go out quick but caught one of the "unknown dumpster companies" (according to ScanNE's wiki on the site) say "someone call Imperial Hyundai, there's 2 cars in the way" Using Google maps the dumpster behind the Imperial...
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    BCD325P2: Web site selling BCD325P2 for $99. Too good to be true !

    Website was created June 9th of this year, contact email is a free to create type. Come back to this in 6 months I can almost guarantee the website will be gone. I came across another advertising a TRX-1 for $99. It was a 3 week old website, I tried checking back to it a month later, website was...
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    Any new Uniden Scanners?

    I hope they name it something different. It's probably my industrial background but whenever I hear "SDS" I immediately think "Safety Data Sheets" or the type of drill bits my Bosch hammer drill uses
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    This just made me grin . . . The northeast US channels might be worth exploring (8846/11396) Also try 17946 for the secondary eastern altantic channel. I was briefly getting NY Center on my scanner the other night talking to a flight over the ocean heading to Africa. I think it was 128.925...
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    You should be able to get other nearby sites i.e. Bourne/Barnstable from there. I listen to several south shore sites i.e. Foxboro/Taunton/West Bridgewater/Freetown/Quincy/Kingston and recall seeing CCRTA traffic on at least one of those sites a few days ago, they sounded fine (Uniden 436hp)
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    Did you try other sites or just Falmouth?
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    Free Users - Turn off your ad blockers

    It's sad really. A city with so much potential squandered by horrible, incompetent "leadership". What's sadder is that it's been that way for decades, seems like it's only getting worse.
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    Free Users - Turn off your ad blockers

    Nah, keep it going, tis fun
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    Free Users - Turn off your ad blockers

    Why not, anything goes these days 😆
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    Free Users - Turn off your ad blockers

    Or any "news" outlet for that matter. I just renewed my premium membership, first time since 2009. I have some old scanners to program and having access to the database is a valuable tool. The archives are pretty cool too, though I wish there was some way it only recorded transmissions and cut...
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    Sudbury, MA P.D.: Always Encrypted Now ?

    Down my way, Mansfield went encrypted when they first switched to P25, then aftera year or so decided to go fulltime in the open. Sometimes interop issues force them to change. All that Great Woods $$$ probably made them do it
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    Sudbury, MA P.D.: Always Encrypted Now ?

    Some of these towns going full E crack me up. Sudbury is a real hotbed of violent crime, risky stakeouts and communal unrest. Must be those high poverty rates 😂 but I suppose if a "controversial" police incident takes place it protects them in that no one can hear past transmissions easily
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    Digital Mode Upgrades

    You think that's bad you should check out the healthcare industry. They charged one of my relatives $40/pill for aspirin! Another time they tried to bill for an xray that was never taken. When confronted they refused to remove the charge. I then simply told them to produce the xray that they...
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    UHF P25 Signal - 13 Miles

    Did you bother to get a yagi or better antenna? Just wondering. I don't live far from you and can only seldom get NBPD. Think I have the same issue except that I'm even father away than you are. Looking north, same issues with Moose Hill and the Blue Hills. Damned terrain
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    TRX-1: TRX-1 Reviews Wanted

    Weather band, aircraft, and Joe Blow cleaning porta-potties on the local trunked DMR system . Woohoo!
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    Pro 433 vs BC125At

    I love my 433 but it doesn't have alpha tagging as others said. IMO that's it's biggest drawback. Seems to receive just fine and has a nice loud speaker. My honest opinion is I'd probably go with 125 for the alpha tagging and you can easily take it portable.
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    BCT15X vs 796D

    I don't believe it's common but some BC15x had an issue with the ribbon cable coming loose, making none of the buttons work. I've had to fix mine twice. Wasn't hard but certainly a pain to take apart. Mine has been babied and hardly used and still had the issue
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    WS1040 or TRX-1, which is best for VHF/UHF "Analog Reception" only?

    TRX would be overkill for what you want to listen to anyways. That's like buying an Uniden SDS to primarily listen to weather band. I'd go with the 1040.