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    Is your DMR frequency of interest part of a trunked system? Or is it stand-alone, not part of a system?
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    BCD436HP: Priority for System talk Group

    Jim, There's no reason that it could not work on a multi-site system, whether statewide like your KSICS, or a regional system, such as MARRS, which also has a number of sites. But I suspect that the results might be disappointing. The setting, on whether to use Trunking Priority, is at the...
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    BCD436HP: Priority for System talk Group

    The Priority Scan that you are turning on is for conventional channels only, not for a trunked system. To set priority for a specific talkgroup in a trunked systems, there are several things to note, First, open the Favorites list that contains your systen of interest in the Favorites list...
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    SDS100: What is best way to find a close call DMR channel on SDS100?

    In addition to the "close call" issues already addressed by others, I would not advise getting too 'up close and person' to the person you know there, and asking him (or her) to key up their radio for you. Get too close, and the signal strength from a close transmitter might be enough to pop the...
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    What will I gain if I upgrade from a 436hp to an SDS 200?

    Don’t forget that you can give your new scanner a jump start by using one or more of the Favorites lists from your 436HP. Then you can work on tweaking one of them, or make a new one, to take advantage of the capabilities of the SDS200.
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    Erath County

    Well, apparently Stephenville is going with L3-Harris for something. The county records give no details other than a nebulous reference to Motorola. And your original comment did not mention Vhf.
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    Erath County

    Well, there are zero, none, nada, public safety related trunked licenses in Erath County. But that did not make them blink a few years ago when they upgraded to P25 conventional without being licensed. Took a look at the meeting agendas & minutes for the Erath County Commissioners Court back to...
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    Erath County

    I spent most of the day down in Stephens County (borders Erath on the north) a couple of weeks ago. I had all frequencies listed for the county, as well as cities, programmed in my TRX-1, including these newest ones). That was just after this license was issued. Very little to note on the newer...
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    $40.00 OFF on orders of $80+

    And, typically for RadioShack, the scanners are at a higher cost than the same item on Amazon or ScannerMaster (except for the BC365CRS, same price as on ScannerMaster, but all three are lower on Amazon).
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    Listen to recordings on Sentinel ?

    The closest thing to that, in Sentinel, is that you can review recordings made during a Discovery session. But that does not note the radio IDs. You're better off with logging via ProScan (or probably ARC536, though I don't have that software to verify). ProScan will log activity, as well as...
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    Ellis County 700 MHZ switchover

    I have heard Ennis using the new system for both PD and FD, but my reception is not good enough to see whether they are still using their VHF frequencies as well. If you remember back over the past few years, when Waxahachie was first on the old ETMC trunked system, and later, when they dropped...
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    HP-2: noob alert***

    If you entered the frequencies in a conventional system, and set the audio mode to analog, you would not hear anything except, at most, some static or random noise. You would need to set the audio mode either to digital, or "all". Transmissions on the TxWARN frequencies will be digital. But if...
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    HP-2: Uniden Home Patrol-2-Project 25 Phase II

    A few months after the SDS series scanners were released, & I received my SDS100, I decided to try a comparison test on how well various model scanners performed under simulcast conditions. Based on comments that I have seen here in the forums, particularly down in the Texas Forum, as well as...
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    HP-2: noob alert***

    Besides making sure that you have the correct service types for what you want to monitor, your other problem, using an HP-2, is simulcast. TxWARN P25, the regional trunked system used by almost all public service agencies (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS) in the greater Houston metro area, including...
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    SDS200 Programming techniques

    You are not "required" to use "quick keys". But when used properly, they provide a simple method for you to turn on, or off, specific Favorites lists, Systems, Departments, or Sites. Sure, you can always go into the scanner's menu, then drill down into your programming and manually turn lists...
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    Using micro SD cards between two different models...

    If you either put the card into a card reader, or connect the scanner to your PC & go into mass storage mode, take a look at the file structure of the card itself. Among other files & folders on the card is a file labeled scanner.inf Here's the contents of that file for one of my scanners, a...
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    HP-2: Uniden Home Patrol-2-Project 25 Phase II

    Your biggest problem is that the Primary site (listed as Primary Simulcast) is just that, Simulcast. This what you get on the database when you click on that small icon near the lower left corner of the map: That only shows two sites. But focusing only on the primaty control channel frequency...
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    HP-1: Problem with Home Patrol-1 Discovery

    Hmm In theory, set up like that, it should work. But try this & see if it helps: In Sentinel for the HP-1, access the Profile Editor. Click on the Discovery tab. There, you can create your Discovery session, giving it a name, and setting your basic options (logging new or all, compare...
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    BCD325P2: Need Help with programming BCD325P2

    I do as well. That's the default Windows shortcut for "Find". Acrobat Reader does have a Find entry under the drop-down Edit menu, but it's shortcut is the <CTRL><F>. The <CTRL><F> (find) command also works on the Easier to Read Manuals webpage. There again, searching via a keyword is much more...
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    BCD325P2: Need Help with programming BCD325P2

    I prefer the downloaded manuals because, in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can use the "Find" function to locate what you need. Not everything is listed in the initial 'Contents' listing, nor in the main Index. Use the Find function for a keyword search is a much better way to directly locate what...