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    Ottawa County P25 system down?

    Severe weather?
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    Northern Ohio MARCS Security Incident?

    Wow, that's a real killer for agencies still using "hand me down" equipment and are now painted into a corner.
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    MPSCS Sites/Talkgroups 2021

    Visiting your great state, and I have an old Sentinel load that includes an MPSCS Lansing Site, but can't find Lansing listed as a site anymore in the RRDB. Does this site no longer exist, and should I instead focus efforts on receiving the Ingham County Simulcast?
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    Blossom Music Center Summit County DMR

    Monitored DMR traffic specific to an event at Blossom Music Center. 451.975 CC 3 SL 1 TG 1001 Sounded like parking attendants, as they spoke of contacting maintenance for battery jumps, and security as a separate entity for other issues. Wondered if they were Domer Radios on: WPIF359 Or SFX...
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    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    MARCS mutual aid channel training is so pathetic and rarely drilled that it's whittled down to just being easier to have ODOT hop on the OSHP talk group instead of having an OSHP dispatcher who could be dispatching multiple patrol posts attempt to patch a mutual aid channel, then good luck for...
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    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    A "terrible idea" that's become the entire selling point of the whole system, the whole idea of spending $20-25/per radio per month, and $50-100/per month per console is so that public service & public safety are able to communicate with each other in times of disaster and not pick up a...
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    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    They've done this since ODOT went to MARCS, typically it's only Supervisor-Supervisor. Supervisor-Dispatch. Rarely ever grunt-grunt.
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    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    OSP Medina and ODOT are heard back and forth on each other's TG's all the time.
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    Adams Co Sheriff Talkaround

    I worked with a guy that literally had no idea what those channels were, he was just thrilled we could operate without them going over the network. 😂
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    Adams Co Sheriff Talkaround

    I can't answer to your county, but it's been monitored elsewhere with users keying up on conventional national (800s) interop channels that avoid the trunked radio system. Also, some users still have legacy conventional equipment still in their patrol cars that they use to avoid MARCS as well.
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    Stark County Ohio

    2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival
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    Five Lorain County FDs plan to reapply for grant

    Thanks for sharing...wish the article detailed cost per user per month for each option.
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    MARCS ID Sources

    Lowest ONG I’ve logged is 9400500 and highest is 9400800.
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    US Coast Guard Cleveland

    Is the US Coast Guard in Cleveland generally ENC?
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    East Cleveland PD

    TG 56763, right?
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    East Cleveland PD

    They were active on their main dispatch an hour ago. None of their ID's show switching TG's.
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    Cedar Point to move to DMR?

    Cedar Point PD was conventional 7/1/21.
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    MECA - CWS CHI Health Arena / TD Ameritrade Park DMR

    Big thing I can’t tell is how ballpark & arena are broken up on the system, are they separate sites? Or just two different programming zones within the portable radios.