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    Budget & Basic - (Re-Entry) Listening Post

    I bought two Pro-2020's (1986 technology) last week to "update" my av comm post. Works well for analog monitoring in Humbloldt County. There's something to be said for "simple". Yours looks great.
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    RTL-SDR on vacation, on-the-road or camping. (Have you done it?)

    Gee, I wonder where the stray bullets landed?
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    Amateur radio and out-of-band transmit in the news

    Here is why I own modified radios. I'm supposed to be a communication expert and I'm not going to let some stupid ass rule prevent me from successfully providing Communication in an emergency. One time on field day I took the Pacific seafarers net out-of-band to 14.355 mhz to enable a gravely...
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    TRX-1: TRX-1 Reviews Wanted

    I bought my trx1 and later found out about the horror stories that Uniden owners were having with cold solder and support response issues. The horror stories are all I needed to hear to keep me away from Uniden. The TRX-1 I bought is a fabulous little machine. I'll spare the details, but I got...
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    American Airlines inflight Frequencies?

    Eat a 10mg cannabis fruit chew before the flight and forget in-flight communications. You'll be styling! And nappin'... ZZZZZ
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    Nashville Fire Encryption

    No plans will change until people die and it becomes too expensive to pay for the untimely death lawsuits. If that cost remains lower than keeping encryption active, then encryption will prevail. Encryption will go away as soon as paying for dead bodies gets too expensive. That's how many thing...
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    New TRX 1 owner. South Goodyear. Did I make a mistake, or do I just need to learn to program?

    I have a trx1, and I definitely did not make a mistake buying it. Despite all of the simulcast distortion stuff talked about, this little thing is really impressive. I am working with a lot of different antennas at my location, and I live in a canyon so I get "multipath distortion" on the...
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    Activity on the Interstates

    Still very active in Humboldt County, Ca. It is required by general consensus in logging operations to use them on the fairly risky dirt logging roads in our mountains for self regulated one way traffic control. You can't see around the sharp corners and sometimes the drop over the side can be...
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    Aircraft listening

    APITI is also a designated intersection identifier of two Vortec radials defining a position for an instrument approach fix which you said already. All intersection position identifiers use use five-letter designators. That's why the identifiers are very strange sounding names. The five letter...
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    Air Band Yagi

    Should totally work like gangbusters! I've used those little three element homemade ones for years and they are awesome. If you have an offending interference source and you know the direction of it, you can null that out with one of those things also.
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    G5 Speaker Status Icon has a line through it, no sound-HELP

    Would it be too much to ask what type of equipment you're talking about?
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    giving up with my scanner

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    giving up with my scanner

    Frequencies are stored as objects. Then you have to choose where they will be listened to in your scanner by checking boxes to put them in scanning lists. Then you decide to put the lists in sets of lists. At least one "scan set" must be enabled for it to scan at all. Then you can organize them...
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    Finding out frequencies

    Hmm... yeah, why do you want to "find out frequencies" of a certain radio? Your choice of words denote unfamiliarity with the hobby. Speak up and then we can help. Do you wish to "find out" something because you want to do something bad with the info? Not enough info or response from you to even...
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    Humboldt County CA - 2020 fire freqs info

    Thanks, nice work. I'm schooling up my digital scanning so it's all pretty interesting. I've been a passive scanner nut for 50 years, since the crystal days.
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    Humboldt County CA - 2020 fire freqs info

    I think the digital hash on 154.37 and 153.95 are control channel transmissions. Thanks for the replies.
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    Humboldt County CA - 2020 fire freqs info

    Yea, no technical details for you, sorry, I don't own a digital scanner... yet. Last week the analog traffic disappeared on 154.37 and was replaced by digital hash sounding identical to the digital hash on Eureka PD's 154.95 primary frequency and yea the PD uses P25 I guess. I would guess that...
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    Humboldt County CA - 2020 fire freqs info

    Looks like Eureka Fire has gone digital this last week on 154.37. Nothing mentioned about it here or in the database. The internet audio feed is not feeding the fire dept now because of this recent change.
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    My Scanner saved me from ???

    Avoided many situations but also I was a central factor in catching a hit-and-run fatal drunk driver by hearing the call go out, and then spotting the guy and calling the police while I kept him in sight. They nailed him and he ended up in prison. The victim who died was 17 years old.