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  1. maus92

    Florida Scanning discussion - tonight 16September 7pm

    Did you record the session?
  2. maus92

    The JNCR System

    Have you posted in the Virginia forums about your problem? Perhaps there are monitors near Dahlgren who can help.
  3. maus92

    SDRTrunk Using Multiple Tuners For Increased Bandwidth?

    Need more deets: target radio system, sdr models, antenna setup, audio setup, CPU loading.
  4. maus92

    The JNCR System

    If you can be specific about the site you are trying to monitor, that would be helpful. Also, the radio you are using. JNCR are almost always multicast, so simulcast issues are doubtful.
  5. maus92

    Home Patrol 2 Problem

    @brennin : It turns out that there is no FIRST simulcast subsite at the Route 18 Park (which explains why the signal was sucking near that location, lol). I had *thought* that this site was the "Safety Drive" site, but it turns out that the Safety Drive site is actually located at the MSP...
  6. maus92

    Maryland FIRST 700mhz TRS

    The Safety Drive tower site is moving forward with raising the transmit antenna height to improve coverage of the Queen Anne Simulcast in the Grasonville area. There are other tower sites in the system that also have large differences in TX vs RX antenna heights, and some of those are being...
  7. maus92

    Maryland FIRST 700mhz TRS

    The new target go-live date for all Phase 5 counties is November 15, 2021. This date accelerates Montgomery and Prince Georges counties, and delays the SoMD counties by a few months, respectively. The Westminster ASR conversion to a prime site with new subsites in Taylorsville and Sykesville...
  8. maus92

    Anne Arundel County Radio System Upgrade

    Maybe you should make an offer, lol. It was likely in poor condition since it has been out of commission for a number of years. I didn't see any evidence of the structure on the grounds, so they either scrapped it or hauled it back to the USCG. As far as moving along, yea it looks like they...
  9. maus92

    Anne Arundel County Radio System Upgrade

    For those who are interested in built-environment archeology, this is what the old Loran site in Crownsville looked like last week:
  10. maus92

    Maryland FIRST 700mhz TRS

    Not a very long segment, maybe 2.5 - 3 miles. Seems a shame this might be holding up the SoMD counties coming online.
  11. maus92

    Anne Arundel County Radio System Upgrade

    So the big news today is work has finally commenced on the relocated Crownsville site - and it going to be erected at the old USCG Loran site. The Loran antenna has been razed, and construction vehicles were on-site this afternoon. Hopefully there will be no further real property related...
  12. maus92

    Calvert County Public Services TRS

    There was an updated antenna deployed several years ago. Almost exactly the same exterior dimensions. Not sure if new radios come with the slightly higher gain part - it has a different color band.
  13. maus92

    Hypothetical "G6 Pager"

    Unication doesn't want to pay to license Smartnet, particularly when it is an obsolete technology that is going away relatively soon.
  14. maus92

    P25 "Out Of Range" Notification

    What system and site are you trying to add to the radio?
  15. maus92

    Calvert County Public Services TRS

    I noticed over the weekend that my G5 can receive the Calvert P25 system outside of my office in Annapolis - not perfectly, but acceptably. This is with the upgraded antenna.
  16. maus92

    RTL-SDR on vacation, on-the-road or camping. (Have you done it?)

    I always have an Airspy Mini and a small antenna with me when I travel for work, or on vaca.
  17. maus92

    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    But "5G/6G" is separate system from LMR: different bandwidth (aka broadband vs narrowband,) different frequency set, etc. The military isn't (as) constrained with what it can do spectrumwise. In fact, mil users are equipped with a lot of LMR gear and systems because they work. ATT is / was...
  18. maus92

    MARCS-IP ("New MARCS") Site and Talkgroup Discussion

    No time soon. Video streaming uses an incredible amount of bandwidth that LMR systems do not have, thus would need to be shifted to another topology (like FirstNet). Trunked voice radio is already quasi-spread spectrum, but due to the nature of one-to-many conversation where anyone in the...
  19. maus92

    SDRTrunk Encryption Keys in traffic channel logs? cant possibly be?

    The value of the "KEY:" field is not the key that is used to encrypt/decrypt data. It is one of the values that is used to direct the subscriber unit to use the appropriate key which is stored in the radio.
  20. maus92

    Town of Payson (AZ) police has disappeared from their VHF radio channels

    The difficult issue with encryption is more about managing large deployments and maintaining interoperability among disparate users. But in this particular case, the agency is using a private SMR company to provide communication services, and no other public safety entity is using that system -...