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  1. 737mech

    Anybody need a BCT-15X for $75?

    There's an add on offerup las vegas area this week. Seems like a great deal! I'm not needing one right now but maybe somebody here is? Scanner Police Fire for Sale in Las Vegas, NV - OfferUp
  2. 737mech

    F-117A’s land at KFAT Fresno Airport this week

    It was so cool to see F-117A’s out for training in California this week!! Many youtube videos and photos on instagram. Wondering if anyone caught the tower communications and recorded them?
  3. 737mech

    Drone activity Tonight

    They are out playing on the NTTR tonight. Listen in on 288.8 and 234.25 There seems to be an F-35 up as well not sure same target mission? 326.125
  4. 737mech

    R30 Who’s listening to air band

    I admit I don’t own the R30 but I am in the mindset that no matter what bands you choose to monitor a and b will be the same load on the batteries. It’s not about the band it’s about the time on powered.
  5. 737mech

    R30 Who’s listening to air band

    Are you being specific on monitoring only on Icom R30 Radios? What questions?
  6. 737mech

    XPR5550 in 2003 Ford Explorer

    So what are you using it for UHF or DMR or both?
  7. 737mech

    MoCa filter

    Experimenting with a MoCa filter on my house and my scanner setup. So far not seeing any bad results. I’ve had pixel issues with some channels cox cable. Not sure of the specs on this filter got it off Amazon. Was recommended by a friend to fix my cable and internet issues. Why not try on...
  8. 737mech

    OLD crystals

    I have a bunch of old crystals looking to unload them to someone that could use them. email me I'll send a picture.
  9. 737mech

    Rebel communications

    This ever growing system is hit or miss on my scanner. The NXDN when I analyze the sites from Henderson is not seeing Marriott Site? Many more sites that are within 25 mile range are not showing up. I have the scanner in RAN search mode and able to verify Angel/Southpoint/Frenchman sites...
  10. 737mech

    BCT15X: BCT15X problem

    That’s a default factory thing, read the ”easier to read manual” it helps you understand the scanner better. Easier to Read BCT15-X Scanner Manual You want to turn off beartracker scanning.
  11. 737mech

    Tytera TYT MD-UV380 VHF/UHF DMR / Noob Question

    First answer Yes you need a ham license to get a DMR ID. Second question, not so sure? What’s the frequency?
  12. 737mech

    Line out, or tape out from GRE PSR-400.

    I don’t think these two models are even close to being the same. The GRE PSR-400 was more like the PSR-410 and the analog version of the Pro-197 or PSR-600. The Pro-2035 or similar Pro-2042 were much older and different. If using the headphone jack on the PSR-400 I would not forget to use a...
  13. 737mech

    NLV Police

    Maybe my position also??? Not heard a peep from that in a long time.
  14. 737mech

    EM Wave

    I acquired the EM-M11008 from antenna farm arrived today. It's doing a great job on my local P25 800 snacc system and statewide 800 edacs system! It is currently on my desk on a mag mount nmo. Will try it out more on the truck tomorrow. Noticed improvement so far positive results!!
  15. 737mech

    Dark Knights Emerge for Red Flag 21-3

    No China I won't say any more about it.
  16. 737mech

    Shack Re-do

    You would benefit from that splitter to a Electroline EDA-2800. Or am I wrong is that a powered amp? Never mind i see the power in port. The EDA would push gain up a bit 4db per port. Also are you using any filters?
  17. 737mech

    Shack Re-do

    Far left ht xpr 7550e or 7580e? Also see another one there in the middle. DMR stuff? Pretty sweet setup all together!! No mic for the XPR-5550? RX only? One more question are all these sharing antennas through a multicoupler?
  18. 737mech

    Dark Knights Emerge for Red Flag 21-3

    The F-117A was a player aggressor for the Red Flag 21-3 exercise. This is a great asset to train our front line fighters to seek and destroy Stealth Fighters. Notible to mention the 40th anniversary of the first F-117A flight was 18 Jun 2021. A patch was created to honor the anniversary as...
  19. 737mech

    Red Flag 21-3

    Yes I agree they do things sometimes. San Diego last year for example.
  20. 737mech

    Red Flag 21-3

    I thought 2008 was the end for the F-117A. I was part of the 37th TFW during Desert Storm 1991. It makes me happy to see them still flying how many I don't care. I also like seeing restorations for museum displays. Would love to find out the haunted ones are still flying? 843 Christine...